Darwin's Game

Preview: Darwin’s Game Episode 7

With the release of the previous episode and the interesting twists happening in the story, fans are more getting excited for Darwin’s Game Episode 7. The unexpected alliance between Kaname and the others are still on-going for the Shibuya Treasure Hunting Event to increase their survival. Will they be able to withstand Wang and the Eighth Clan’s power?

Darwin's Game

When is the Darwin’s Game Episode 7 release date?

Nexus premiered the first episode of Darwin’s Game on January 3rd, Friday, which means that Friday is the usual day to expect a brand new episode for the anime. That being said, if there is no unexpected delay or reschedules, Darwin’s Game Episode 7 should be able on February 21, 2020.

Where to watch Darwin’s Game online?

Darwin’s Game fans have several options to watch the latest episode of the anime. But if you want to watch it starting from the first episode, we recommend checking out the official anime distributors which are Funimation, Animelab, HiDive, and Crunchyroll.

Darwin’s Game Episode 6 Recap

The previous episode gave fans an unexpected addition to the alliance. Kaname who saved Shuka from drowning went to Ryuuji who is apprehending Sui. Shuka who almost died forgave Sui for trapping in the station. Witnessing her impressing Sigil, Sui was invited to join the alliance.

Meanwhile, the Eighth Clan started attacking the hotel where the allies are staying. Instead of an all-out fight, Hiiragi also known as the Florist faced them all. All the other members on the first floor of the hotel were defeated by Hiiragi. However, he still needs to face Shigu with Sigil that allows him to light himself on fire.