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Darwin’s Game Episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers: Where to Watch Online?

Darwin’s Game Episode 8 is fast approaching and Kaname fans are now excited to see what’s on his sleeve against Wang and Eighth Clan. Read on to know the release date and time of the 8th episode of the action-mystery anime Darwin’s Game. Also, learn where to watch the English dub of Darwin’s Game episodes.

When is Darwin’s Game Episode 8 release date?

Nexus planned to release a total of 11 episodes for Darwin’s Game anime and now that Darwin’s Game Episode 7 is live, we’re finally heading to Episode 8 of the series. Be the first to watch the upcoming Darwin’s Game Episode 8 once it officially releases on February 28, 2020.

Where to watch Darwin’s Game Episodes?

There are lots of sources offering free streaming of Darwin’s Game series, however, be informed that not all of these websites are licensed to distribute the anime. To watch Darwin’s Game in high definition, just visit the official and partnered streaming platforms such as Funimation, Crunchyroll, Animelab, and more.

What to expect in Darwin’s Game Episode 8?

Darwin's Game

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Following the cliffhanger event in Episode 7, many are asking if Kaname is telling the truth about the treasure for the event. Well, Kaname and his allies have actually determined the location of the treasure. The key that Kaname was holding is just part of the distraction to save Ryuuji from Eighth Clan.

Kaname told Wang a made-up story about the secret code and the treasure. Fortunately, Wang took the bait and went for the key after Kaname throws it. Wang discovered that he was fooled and assured that he will never forget Kaname’s face. Kaname opened the locker where the treasure was hidden where it also marks the end of the event.

The players are transported to different places while Kaname received a box containing a phone. He received a call from one of the game organizers where he was given a wish and more rewards. One month has passed and Wang started to hunt Kaname. However, it seems that Kaname went into hiding.