DateJournal – Starter’s Guide and Tutorial Walkthrough


This guide will be covering the basic details of DateJournal such as the map, decision making, levels, and other important information to get you started. If you’re one of the new players of DateJournal, this one is for you.

This game is called DateJournal: Russian Girls Dating Simulator. The game will allow you to select your gender at the start of the game and whatever gender you choose, it will not affect the character at the beginning.

DateJournal Tutorial Walkthrough

In the screenshot sample below, you will already be seeing some progress. Some of the options you’ll see is the date, chat, and say goodbye option.


Vasilisa is one of the first characters that you will be meeting in the game. When she starts appearing, we highly recommend not to click the screen too fast as you will be auto-selecting one of the options that will affect the character’s decision.


Chat – Chat is a dialogue between you and the character who selects one of the lines. I don’t know, but the character will be influenced by each line. If not, then I was wrong about that.

The character is going to love you and the intimacy is going to go up. If you don’t know where the intimacy appears, it’s like a heart-shaped around the character.


Date – Date asks for a date with a female or male. In this game, you can pick the place where you can date the character to. There are three places in the screenshot that are locked and you need to go to the mall to unlock them. The first one and the first tutorial are the walks.


There is a lot of stuff and, of course, other things you need to look for and use your head.

  • Energy – It’s going to give you another energy to the puzzle to get the stars, the flowers, and the presents.
  • Flower – The higher you get your passion up, the more intimacy you get with your waifu date.
  • Broken Stars – Stars that have cracks or cuts on them will reduce your score and energy. You see, I have 0/1000, but it’s going to be 0/500 for you. For example, if you have 225/500, and you click on a broken star, it will decrease.
  • Blue Stars – Intimacy and gives you scores. Intelligence Element.
  • Silver Stars – Intimacy and gives you scores. Charm Element.
  • Red Stars – Intimacy and gives you scores. Strength Element.
  • Monsters – They’re going to block your puzzle journey to get the stars, the presents, the flowers, or the key to unlock the next level. There’s a number on the beast, which is your energy. Clicking on the monster is going to hurt it, and it’s going to be off the puzzle. If your path is blocked, you either go to the next floor to score more or take the chance.
  • Gifts – There will be a box or two in the puzzle, it will give you a random item to get you an advantage. Use it wisely.


When you’ve done, the character will love you more and ask you a random question. You can pick one of the questions that will influence you more.

Finally, Say Goodbye is going to leave your love, even if you’re going to see her again when you go to her house.

Journal and Map

If you’ve finished the game tutorial, a.k.a. the first character and date, you’ll choose Say Goodbye, and you’ll be guided to it.


This map shows your cards, map, characters, balance, etc. Cards on the right-hand side are some of your gifts or transfer cards. You miss your turn with the blue arrow below the card choices. Basically, this map is like a monopoly, but a form of a dating simulator! You’ll see the arrows on the map. The arrows are waiting for you to go. Again, it’s like a monopoly. Roll a dice, and you have to go follow the path. This instead, has many paths.

There are a variety of locations, such as intellect, strength and charm. You should go to these locations to upgrade your skills.

You’re also going to see characters at various places that you can meet and date. You see, there are some red form circles above them. If you wait too long to reach them, they’re going to go. It depends on your turn along with your cards.

Gifts matters for each character and they have a different taste. Take the example of Vasilisa’s first character. She likes to go camping, and the ones I gave her were a tent and a hiking bag she liked very much.

You can also work in areas where you can make some money or call it dough because that’s what the game tutorial said when I encountered it.


This part shows all the girls and information about them. You need to talk or date with them to know about them. Below this, there will be an example of a female character, Vasilisa.


There are images of them on the right side of the information. You need to go on dates with them to get them. There were yellow hearts under them, as in the girls’ section.


There are 3 sets of skills. Intelligence, Strength, and Charm.


  • Intelligence is at the top.
  • Strength in the middle.
  • Charm at the bottom.