Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man Update 1.5.1 Patch Now Out, Bug Fixes and Improvements

Developer and publisher Madruga Works has rolled out the newest update for the survival and city-building game Dawn of Man. The new update carries patch version 1.5.1 which brings bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

While the new update did not bring any new content, it does bring hotfixes to known bugs and issues that have been appearing in the game. Notably, it also brings some minor changes to the AI and animal balancing.

Apart from that, the new Dawn of Man update 1.5.1 also includes modding fixes, stability, and overall performance improvements. To know more about the details of the patch, you can check the changelog below.

Dawn of Man Update 1.5.1 Patch Notes

Balance Changes

  • Donkeys and Horses will usually now spend 3 game years as adults and 1 as old (before it was 2/2). This will bring up their reproduction rate to the same level as cattle.

AI Changes

  • Domestic animals escape from raiders when not sheltered, even before being attacked.
  • People will now build structures even if very hungry when there is no food available, this can easily happen in Nomad mode.
  • Fixed issue with animals sometimes stuck in a loop in or near rivers/lakes

Quality of Life

  • “No space in stables” warning is now only shown in Autumn or Winter.

Modding fixes

  • When two scenarios use the same string ID, the game will now display a very obvious warning at startup.
  • Fixed crash when spawning items for humans in scenarios and there is no space to put them.

General Fixes

  • Iron Sword now uppercase like the rest of the tool names.
  • Improved appearance of “Requires Tech” tooltip for context actions.
  • Fixed issue of animals/humans using the wrong idle animation when switching model (this is triggered by switching Age or outfit).
  • Fixed issue that could cause 2 trees to grow in the same place sometimes.

Dawn of Man version 1.5.1 is now available for download.