Dead Cells

Dead Cells Holiday Update Adds New Weapon, Outfit, and More

Motion Twin has just released the newest update for Dead Cells. This is the Dead Cell update 21 and it brings a new set of mutations, weapon, outfit, mob, and more.

After the long wait, one of the most requested weapons, the katana, has finally been added in the game. The katana will allow players to chain a standard slash with a dashing charge attack. This can be done by simply holding the button.

To make things more awesome, the arrival of the katana has been accompanied by the new outfit, which is the ninja outfit.

The ninja outfit is not the only outfit that has been added in the game. Since this update was released just a few days before the Christmas season, the developer also adds the two Santa outfits. Now, you can enjoy the holiday and Dead Cells at the same time.

As mentioned above, the update also brings a new mob, new lore room called Hand of the King, and new healing item. Apart from these details, the other changes in this update 21 are just gameplay improvement and tweaks. Feel free to check the full changelog of this update here.

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