DeadPoly – 6 Tips and Tricks for Starters

The game offers various playstyles such as sniping from a rooftop, hacking and slashing enemies on the streets, or adopting a stealthy approach to killing only when necessary. However, my personal preference lies in looting, building bases, and killing to uncover the loot of my victims. Recently, the addition of stats has made me more cautious and motivated to survive longer. Thus, I would like to share some of my tips for surviving in this game.


From my experience, the key to survival in this game is having a source of sustenance such as food and drink, whether it be apple juice, soda, coffee, or plain water. Additionally, defending oneself against the zombie hordes is crucial. The choice between using a melee weapon or a firearm depends on various factors, including the cost of using ammunition. While crafting ammunition is relatively easier, it requires finding all the necessary ingredients such as wood and stone for gunpowder and brass.

If one must search for the necessary ingredients anyway, why not collect pre-made bullets instead of crafting them? However, storing excessive amounts of ammunition can become an issue, as it’s not practical to use all the guns all the time. Additionally, it may be wise to sleep during the night hours, and one may wonder if a bed is necessary, or if a tent would suffice. It’s also essential to consider the safety of indoor versus outdoor spaces when it comes to base building, looting, vehicles, and even the zombies themselves, who may carry valuable items such as money. It’s important to note that these are solely my opinions and experiences, and some of my tips may prove helpful while others may not. If I’ve made any errors, please feel free to point them out, and if my insights have helped you in any way, let me know. Let’s continue our exploration of the game.

Food, Water and Sleeping

It appears that many aspects of the game are interconnected. Whether you’re a new player or have spent hundreds of hours playing, one thing remains constant – the need for sustenance. Therefore, it’s common for players to collect food, and in my case, I have barrels and lockers filled with food and water. When stumbling upon a hot dog cart or a water cooler (which can be purchased with cargo tickets), it’s worthwhile to make space to bring them back to your base. Both items completely fill your hunger and thirst meter, and even if you’re unable to place them in a permanent location, they can serve as a pit stop of sorts. In fact, I’ve even left one at the drive-through of a chicken place before.

If you’re out looting and every item in your inventory counts, you may not need to pack as much food. However, the water cooler can still be a handy item to have with you.

Water can take up a lot of space in your inventory, which is why I find it more practical to store water coolers at your home or frequent base. As for stocking up on food and water, there are plenty of places to do so, such as markets, stores, and even on the streets where you may find food and water on zombies. Fishing is also a consistent way to obtain food, but you must remain alert for any potential danger. In terms of food items, I tend to go with bananas or pumpkins, depending on the situation. If I’m embarking on an extended trip, I’ll bring a couple of bananas or pumpkins to sustain me. It’s also important to eat what’s available on the ground as you travel, saving your stocked food for later when you need it. Regarding sleeping arrangements, I’ve found that the smaller of the two tents works well both inside and outside. I’ve never been attacked while sleeping and it only takes up two spaces in your inventory, and in a pinch, it can even serve as a storage unit for up to 1000 kilos.

Embarking on a road trip is also possible in this game. Although I typically prefer finding shelter in a house or building, sleeping under the stars is an option. Playing during daylight is generally easier, but if necessary, flashlights can be used, such as a small mag light or a larger plastic flashlight.

Weight How Much Can You Carry

I’ve accumulated a vast collection of backpacks over time, but after using them for storage and inventory expansion, I’ve realized that there are only five backpacks that are truly worthwhile. The Koopa backpack is a decent option that holds up to 80 kilos and resembles a turtle shell with spikes. However, in my opinion, there are better choices available, such as the Expedition pack and the Turtle pack, which can hold 100 kilos each, and the Nomad and Paratus backpacks, which can carry up to 150 kilos. My top pick is the Rush pack, which can carry an impressive 155 kilos. Although I have a variety of backpacks, I plan on replacing them all with Rush packs eventually. In addition to backpacks, pouches can also be helpful for storage. They come in various sizes, with the largest one taking up six spaces. With a Rush backpack, a heavy vest, and pockets, you can carry up to 205 kilos. It’s frustrating when you think you have enough space but can’t pick up an item due to weight limitations. Sometimes, rearranging your inventory can make enough room to pick up what you need. A successful looting run is when you can max out your pockets, heavy vest, and backpack and return to base.

Looting: Keep It All?

Initially, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a cutlass, which was a significant upgrade from a frying pan or even a fishing rod, as it worked fairly well.

In the beginning, I had to endure multiple deaths while scavenging for food, weapons, and fighting to stay alive. It also took some time to get used to the targeting system, where I had to ensure that the white dot was on the zombie before attacking. Choosing a gun was comparatively easier, and I opted for the 9mm as it was the most affordable and lightweight bullet to carry. The 9mm was also capable of killing the banshee and big boy, so I still use it. As for my sword, I usually alternate between the Holy Sword and Cedd’s Claymore.

Going back to the topic of looting, my advice would be to follow a simple rule – if there’s space in your inventory, take it. However, if you prefer a more structured approach, always prioritize grabbing bullets, medicine, food, water, and anything electronic (such as batteries, wire, circuit boards, etc.). If you wish to collect wire, make sure to carry wire cutters with you. Over time, you’ll accumulate a stockpile of these essential items, along with materials to build lights. Then, you can start looking for other items like toys, pool tables, decorations, furniture, plants, records, and more. Money is also valuable, as you can use it to buy toys or other items. Additionally, cargo tickets can be traded for various items such as water coolers, hot dog stands, neon lights, refrigerators, and statues. While I have found most of these items on the streets, I still collect cargo tickets in case new items become available in the future. Ultimately, it’s essential to keep what you collect, which means investing in storage, backpacks, and reinforced containers. You can also use the salvage machine to break down unwanted items, and if that doesn’t work, simply delete them using a trash can that you can craft.

Base Building Or Where To Stay

I would like to clarify that I am not very familiar with this game and my perspective is solely based on the single-player mode. From my point of view, there seem to be several potential locations where you can establish a base. Personally, I have three favorite spots that I prefer. When I first started playing the game, I wandered around and died a few times. Eventually, I found the key to the hospital and the flower shop. As I explored further, I realized that many buildings didn’t have any doors or windows. However, I knew that the flower shop had doors since I had the key, and that’s where I decided to make my base. It took some time to locate it, but once I did, it felt like home. However, after a few hours, I realized that if I died, I wouldn’t be able to get back into the flower shop without the key. This became a problem as there were times when I couldn’t retrieve my body, making the flower shop more of a liability until I found additional keys.

I have essentially taken control of the entire block where the church, flower shop, and pet store are located.

Due to the significant amount of time and effort I’ve invested in constructing this base, it has become one of my top three favorites. The second one is located on the same block, a three-story building above a storefront with ample space. I began building this base when I started running out of room in the flower shop.

There is lots of room on the 2nd floor.

3rd floor is mostly storage.

Then we go to my favorite, the tunnel base.

Natural bus barricade.

This is just getting started, it also has lots of room.

A bit closer look.

That’s good to keep in mind. Building a base is a balancing act between having a secure and well-stocked location, and not depleting the surrounding area of resources. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of different locations before deciding on a base.


This section will be brief. So far, I have come across various vehicles such as golf carts, loaders, buses, Volkswagen cars, and some unidentified type of car. However, I am uncertain if I have seen all of them, and there could be more in the game.

Zombies, Zeds, and Zeros

I don’t have any specific advice for killing zombies, it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you. In my experience, some zombies just stand still and let you kill them, while others take off running as soon as you approach them. So far, I haven’t encountered any large zombie hordes that require a machine gun, but I prefer to use a sword for killing 5-6 zombies at a time. However, some zombies, especially military zombies, can be tougher to take down. I’ve also noticed that zombies with their pants down often carry money. I’ve encountered some strange things too, like a zombie that came back to the flower shop and even some acrobatic zombies!

Summary Last Bit Of B.S.

In conclusion, this marks the end of my first attempt at offering guidance to players of this game. Although I’m not certain if it was of help to anyone, if it did make a difference, then it was worthwhile. It’s important to note that this game is constantly evolving, with certain things changing and others staying the same. As the game continues to expand, I’ve found it to be quite enjoyable, and I’m eagerly anticipating what’s next. Recently, I discovered a spiked club that was previously unknown to me, demonstrating that there are still undiscovered items to be found. I’d be interested to hear from veteran players about how the game has evolved since its inception. Thank you for taking the time to read my advice.

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