Death Stranding

Death Stranding PC Save Game 100% Complete and Unlocked

Looking to dive into the world of Death Stranding but don’t want any hassle? In this post, we will be sharing you the save game data file for Death Stranding for PC. Below are the details of the save game and links where you can download it for free.

Death Stranding Save Game


This game save data file for Death Stranding is only available and usable on PC. This is a game save of the 100% completion of Death Stranding story.

How to Install

  1. Download the game save by clicking this link.
  2. Extract the file on your desktop.
  3. Copy all the extracted files to the following path:C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\KojimaProductions\DeathStranding

The last thing you have to download is open Death Stranding and load the game save. Enjoy your exploration in the world of Death Stranding.

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