Deathloop Controls for PlayStation 5 and PC

Looking forward to playing and entering the world of two rival assassins trapped in a mysterious time loop? If yes, here are the default Deathloop controls for you to get started. Note that you can modify these default keys by going to the settings menu of Deathloop.

Deathloop Controls

ActionPlayStation ControllerXbox Controller
MovementLeft StickLeft Stick
LeanLeft Stick + Circle (Hold)Left Stick + B (Hold)
Sprint / DodgeL3L3
Look AroundRight StickRight Stick
Aim Down Sights / Shoot with Left HandL2LT
Use Slab / GadgetL1LB
Select Firearm / Weapon Wheel (Hold)TriangleY
Sneak / Slide (When Sprinting)CircleB
Use / Reload / Sheathe Weapons (Hold)SquareX
Select Slab / Slab Wheel (Hold)D-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Select Gadget / Gadget Wheel (Hold)D-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Dual-Wield Weapons / Toggle Weapon Mode / Weapon Wheel (Hold)D-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Colt: Tag / Focus (Hold)
Julianna: Tag / Alert (Hold)
D-Pad DownD-Pad Down

You can also check this Deathloop control setup for PS5 and Xbox One controllers:

Deathloop PS5 Controls
Deathloop Xbox One Controls

Did we miss any Deathloop control keys? Please let us know in the comments below.

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