Deceit Update 4.6.2 Now Available: Easter Event Adjustments and Other Issues Resolved

Following the release of the Easter event in Deceit, developer Baseline has rolled out the new Deceit update 4.6.2 to address known bugs and issues in the game.

There are lots of issues that have been resolved in this update. According to the release notes, server performance issues have been resolved, along with the Easter & Stash Points rewards adjustments.

Deceit Easter event just went live last week. You can see the detailed changes for this update below.

Deceit Update 4.6.2 Patch Notes


  • Resolved an issue in our backend server that caused its performance to degrade over time.
  • After receiving feedback from the community we’ve re-added the ability to view player level/rank information from within the ‘Q’ menu in-game.
  • The amount of Easter & Stash Points earned from using Easter Tokens is now displayed when collecting your rewards.
  • Added a per-game unique identifier to the bottom right of the in-game HUD. The intention of this is to help us improve how we review player reports and subsequently identify offending players.
  • Updated all of our Chinese translations and improved several of our other translations, thanks to our community translators.

Bug Fixes

  • [FIXED] The discounted value for the ‘Foil Bunny’ displays incorrectly.
  • [FIXED] Players are able to use the knife to determine if a player is infected.
  • [FIXED] Occasionally players meeting the requirements are unable to queue up for ranked when first opening the client.

Deceit is available on Windows PC via Steam.