Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic Update 29 Now Live on PC and Xbox One

Today, developer Ghost Ship Games has released the latest Deep Rock Galactic update 26 bringing bug fixes, weapon balancing, and more.

Some of the main highlights for the Deep Rock Galactic hotfix 7 are bulldog revolver tweaks, thunderhead autocannon and electrical SMG adjustments, and more weapon balancing. In addition, the patch also includes stability and performance improvements. You can read the full update changelog below.

Deep Rock Galactic Update Hotfix 7 Patch Notes

Bulldog Revolver Tweaks

  • Elephant Rounds OC now has a bit more of a kick.
  • Elephant Rounds OC now lowers the revolver’s capacity to 3 rounds and extend the reload time a bit.
  • Added a base accuracy bonus to Elephant Rounds OC.
  • Five Shooter OC is now Six Shooter and has a rate of fire bonus, a bigger ammo bonus and a slower reload.
  • Feather Trigger OC has been replaced with the Volatile Bullets OC which deals massive damage against burning targets.
  • Increased the reload speed bonus of the Quickfire Ejector mod.


  • Fixed bug with GK2 Bullets of Mercy OC sometimes stacking its damage bonus.

Thunderhead Autocannon

  • Increased the chance to poison enemies with the Neurotoxin Payload OC.
  • Added a small range bonus to the Neurotoxin Payload OC.

BRT Burst Fire Gun

  • Fixed the crosshairs not showing the weapon spread accurately.
  • Added a Blowthrough Rounds mod at T1.
  • Added a base spread reduction bonus to the Floating Barrel mod.
  • The Homebrew Powder OC has been replaced with the Lead Spray OC which gives a big damage boost at the cost of the base spread.
  • Increased the ammo bonus of the Compact Mags OC.
  • Increased the spread-reduction and mag-size bonuses of the Micro Flechettes OC.


  • Extended the effective range of the Burning Hell OC.

Warthog Auto 210 Overclock tweaks

  • Light-weight Magazines.

Reload speed bonus increased

  • Compact shells, Renamed to Stunner
    • Complete rework, renamed as Stunner. With this overclock, the weapon can stun after hitting any body part, not just weak points. There is also a damage bonus when shooting already stunned enemies.
  • Magnetic Pellet Alignment
    • Bonus damage for weak points, magazine penalty removed. The rate of fire reduction now applied as a percentage.
  • Stunner: Bonus damage to stunned enemies reduced. Fixed a case in which a part of the shot stunning the enemy was also benefiting from the Stun damage bonus. This was producing an unintended random damage output. Now only the damage dealt by subsequent shots after the stunning shot will receive the bonus.
  • Magnetic Alignment: Rate of fire penalty slightly increased, bonus damage on weak points reduced.

Electrical SMG

  • Added small cooldown to EMPDischarge OC for the electrical SMG.

Stubby Voltaic SMG

  • Turret EM Discharge: Cooldown reduced.
  • Overclocks’ descriptions updated.
  • Stun is now applied after all damage, so if you hit an enemy with a shotgun, the stun will only apply after all pellets have been calculated. This makes for more consistent experience when weapons also have damage bonuses based on stun.

General Fixes

  • MK3 heavy/light armors renamed in-game to MK3 and MK4 – also fixed a few typos in their descriptions.
  • Fix one of the Point Extraction maps that had terrain that did not connect to the rest of the cave system.
  • Fix Pheromone grenades not working (Visually) correct on clients.
  • Fix paint job not updating the third person correctly if it was changed because of an incompatible default paint job.
  • Added overlocks and item upgrades to the escape menu.
  • Fixed not being able to zipline while carrying an explosive barrel.
  • Fixed errors in terrain generation causing tunnels to not lead completely to the caves.
  • Bombers no longer require to hit cave walls to explode and won’t be stuck dead forever on for example the minehead.
  • Fix glyphids sometimes (more with a heavy lag) not playing ragdoll.
  • You can no longer open the map while saluting. (Caused a lot of issues).

Fancy new Temperature Shock mechanic

  • Fire and Ice are now best friends, sort of. They still cancel each other out but now whenever you force a creature out of either the Frozen or Burning state they will take a good chunk of damage.
    1. Either set a creature on fire or freeze them.
    2. Proceed to apply fire/heat damage if frozen or ice/cold damage if burning. This works with any elemental fire or ice damage and also with strong heat/cold sources.
    3. Keep at it until the target stops being frozen/burning.
  • Added weak point damage modifier stat display for a combat shotgun.
  • Dropped carves around it just before it leaves, to remove any platforms that could be in the way.
  • Misc audio optimization (Glyphids).
  • Improved Tritolite deposit collider to better match with the model.
  • Re-Enable some idle sounds on glyphid grunts.
  • Escape Menu: No tooltip when hovering over an unlocked or blank gear mod.
  • Fix Bosco load-outs not working correctly. (It was using your character’s loadout index).
  • Fixed Perfectly Tuned Cooler OC not affecting Flow Rate.
  • Fixed the Burning Hell OC affecting teammates.
  • Fix getting multiple rewards from crates.

Deep Rock Galactic was released in February 2018 on Windows PC via Steam and Xbox One.