Deep Sea Valentine

Deep Sea Valentine – All Bubble Locations for Explorer Achievement Guide

In this guide, you will be able to learn where to find all bubbles in Deep Sea Valentine. If you’re one of the players trying to find all Deep Sea Valentine bubbles, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this Deep Sea Valentine guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

All Deep Sea Valentine Bubbles Locations

There’s a total of 7 bubbles that you can find in the game. Let’s start with the bubble that we can find in the early game.

Bubble #1

The first bubble is the easiest, it’s in the starting place, near Triche’s house. You’ve got to start the intro scene first (walking to the north to look at the surface) to be able to reach it, but other than that, just walk down the steps to the north and you can easily take it without any problem.

Deep Sea Valentine Bubble

Bubble #2

Another very easy one to find, it’s in the northeast section of the beach where you’ll meet Sinus and Joru.

Deep Sea Valentine Bubble

Bubble #3

There’s a chance that you will miss this. This one is on the left side of the kelp maze where you retrieved Tae. The direction isn’t super clear from a dead end. It’s a really bad one.

Deep Sea Valentine Bubble

Bubble #4

This one is just to the left of Tae’s house, in the purple kelp forest to the west.

Deep Sea Valentine Bubble

Bubble #5

The 5th bubble is located at the right entrance of the Murky Water Cave, via the opening of the beach where you encountered Sinus and Joru. After your second encounter with the pair, you can enter it, where you save Joru from the crab.

Deep Sea Valentine Bubble

It’s pretty bad because you can only reach the cave late in the game, and you don’t really need to enter the Murky Water Cave on any of the paths, but it’s not hard to find if you’re heading there.

Bubble #6

Easy one, it’s on the right side of Moka’s house, accessible near the end of the game.

Deep Sea Valentine Bubble

Bubble #7

This one’s in the cave at the end of the game, it’s pretty easily overlooked, mainly because you’ve just got a tiny window of time to pick it before the end of the game.

Deep Sea Valentine Bubble

I believe that on Moka’s route, you’ll be able to backtrack to all the bubbles at the end, as long as you don’t speak to her to start the final scene, all the other routes will stop you from backtracking at some stage.

Right after the cave collapses with Albica’s aid, you’re going to want to head all the way to the right, then follow the path south to find it, if you pick some other bubble at this point, you’re going to get the Explorer achievement!

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