Defend the Rook

Defend the Rook Beginner’s Basic Knowledge Guide

Before you dive into the world of Defend the Rook, here are some of the basic knowledge that you should know first.

Defend the Rook Glossary

Player Units

Player Units – Heroes, Contraptions, Towers, and the Rook,


Power – The amount of damage dealt in an attack.

Movement – The amount of tiles this unit can move.

Range – The distance in tiles this unit can attack.

Armor – The amount of times this unit can move.

Health – When health reaches zero, the unit is destroyed.


Common – Gives the Unit/Contraption a small Bonus Effect.

Rare – Gives the Unit/Contraption a strong Bonus Effect.

Epic – Gives the Unit/Contraption an incredibly powerful Bonus Effect.

Combat Effects

Immobile – Cannot move or be moved.

Agile – Can move through all units and blocked tiles.

Massive – Takes up more than 1 tile. Cannot move or be moved.

Stunned – Cannot move or attack this turn. Gains Stun Immunity next Turn.

Stun Immunity – Cannot be Stunned this Turn.

Stealth – Untargetable by enemies. Can still be hit by Splash Damage.

Radius – Hits (x) tiles in a cross around the initial target.

Taunt – Will prioritize the unit that applied Taunt until the end of the round.

Tauntend – Will prioritize the unit that applied Taunt until the end of the round.

Rooted – Cannot move this turn.

Chain Lightning – Applies all Chain Lightning effects, then jumps to the closest viable target that hasn’t already been hit within a 2 tile Radius and repeat.

Ememy Behaviour

Standard – Prioritize the closest valid enemy target.

Hunter – Prioritize Heroes, then Contraptions, then the Rook.

Destroyer – Prioritize Contraptions, then Heroes, then the Rook.

Relentless – Prioritizes the Rook.

Elusive – Prioritizes attacking at the furthest distance possible.

Defender – Prioritizes standing adjacent to another allied unit.

Percher – Prioritizes moving to an empty blocked tile. Once there, it will gain increased range but loses all movement.

Flee – Prioritizez moving to the end of the board. If they reach the end of the Board, they are removed from the Board.

Leave – Removed from the Board after (x) amount of turns.

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