Demeo Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you the exact steps on how to obtain every achievements available in Demeo.



“Overcharge” Zedokar the Sorcerer with the homonymous card. The next turn jump into the fray waiting to be hit by as many monsters as possible. Every enemy that dares to touch you will get a good shock and the Achievement will unlock when you reach 10 passive counterattacks on as many monsters… It doesn’t matter if they will be killed or just stunned.

If you have an Adamant Potion or a Bard in the party with the Song of Courage, you could try to limit the damage, otherwise, healing potions will also work.


Choose the Huntress and never use arrows for an entire level (I recommend the first one of the first adventure, which is very simple). Maybe you could use them to blow up lamps, but if you miss you’ll burn the Achievement… Play it safe and don’t use the bow at all. The Achievement will lock as soon as you enter the shop.


Use the Bard’s Song of Recovery to heal 2 downed characters at the same time. Keep in mind that the card has a 3×3 area of effect and that anyone who is knocked down can still move one space at a time, so they could get into position. Act wisely!


Upgrade Cána to the max level. To do this the pet must deal the killing blow to enemies or attack someone who still have life points (in doing so it will also gain vitality). Note that if it’s killed it will lose all the experience not yet used to level-up. Levels already achieved will not be lost.


Fatality! With the Barbarian’s first action use the “normal” grappling hook to pull an enemy towards him, then, with the second action, knock the monster down in close combat by rolling a CRITICAL HIT. It’s no good if you either kill them directly with the chain, or if you finish them off with a normal die roll.


The easiest way to unlock the Achievement is to let a Hero fall in a toxic area. At this point, use the Barbarian’s first action to hook them out the poison, then the second to revive them.



Throw a bone to a hound to befriend it… It will follow you forever and won’t even be attacked by its old buddies, but will be killed by explosions, poison and friendly fire.


Destroy rats and spiders like hell until the achievement pops up. Spider eggs and mouse nests also count towards the achievement, but “friendly” mice and rats don’t.


Use an explosive Booby Trap (the mine) to eliminate one or more rats. Obviously the 3rd level from the 2nd campaign is great to do so, but if you don’t want to be overwhelmed, there are plenty of rodents even in the first campaign!


Use the Bottle of Lye to dissolve a purple slime. I personally got it by destroying one of the big ones at close range, but I think the small ones are legit too.


Throw a Web Bomb in a group of enemies. Any spider around will attack them… I don’t exclude that it is possible to obtain the Achievement even if you push a Giant Spider to create the web, as long as there are enemies inside the web with you. You tell me!


Use a Torch card on a character during the second campaign: for 9 turns the visibility range will greatly increase. The achievement will not be unlocked if you put the torch on the ground, I guess.


Clear the first two levels of the 2nd campaign without using any Torch card. The main problem will be the second floor, but if you stay frosty, move fast without being reckless (stay on the outside the rooms you don’t know yet!), and use someone to blow up mushrooms/poison lamps behind you at a distance (Hunter?), you may live longer. The Achievement will pop in the second shop, just before the Boss level.


Have the Barbarian collect an explosive lamp thanks to his hook; wait until there are at least 6 enemies within a 5×5 area with less than 5HP, and throw it in the middle! The problem will be waiting for the right moment. Perhaps you can weaken the monsters for good measure… And maybe it’s better to play it alone, so that the mobs have less HP.


Eliminate 7 enemies with a single action. The Pit Fighter’s Leap of the Barbarian and the exploding lamps are great, especially in early campaigns. But remember that enemy HP increases with the number of players!


Summon a Behemoth (the cannon) in a strategic area and defend it until it has eliminated 15 enemies. Remember that you can also cure it with potions or spells! Ideally, it’s best to try to get the Achievement by playing with just one character in a level with many monsters, so you can have waves of mobs with little health.


Eliminate 100 enemies in just one level of the 5th campaign (the town). The problem will mostly be getting them a little at a time, so don’t run ahead like crazy and avoid crowded areas! If I were you, I’d take the Elven Summoner first, then keep a couple of his portals as a source of enemies. And speaking of portals: remember that the Vortex Dust can one-shot any of them in a 3×3 area!


Eliminate 200 enemies in a single campaign, like Kahl, Rekk, and Talakk did. The casualties from friendly also count and the only advices I can give is: take your time; choose a defensible area (ie: with only one entrance, possibly with a long corridor); get help from turrets and summons; keep count of the dead to avoid staying longer than expected (XD). The Achievement will unlock at the 200th enemy and there is no need to finish the adventure.



Simple and straightforward: kill the Elven Queen at the end of the The Black Sarcophagus, the 1st campaign. She has 25-60HP (based on the number of players) but some of her friends can turn her invincible for a time (the Unheard, those with the golden staff). Eliminate them as soon as possible and then use your favorite strategy! Use Summons, Ballistas or Behemoths; spread poison; do backstabs… whatever it takes!


Beat this Boss from the Realm of the Rat King campaign… guess who? The Rat King itself, which is still one of the toughest in the game. It has 37-90HP (based on the number of players) and has always mice around… each time you eliminate one of them, His Majesty gains 2HP back!

Since there are a lot of rat nests and the King can spawn them again and again, it will be a race against time&dark! Use torches one at a time, if you can; focus on the Boss with the strongest attack, Hunter’s Mark, poison and Blink, but watch it! You can find yourself in The Plague Tale if you don’t contain its offspring early on.


Kill the Boss from the 3rd campaign: the Roots of Evil. Mother Cy is pretty easy (32-78Hp, based on the number of players), as long as you eliminate her first. Then you’ll have to take care of her son: the Root Lord (19-46HP), who has a certain number of bark layers that need to be destroyed every turn to reach his core. Use Summons, Ballistas and so on. The more, the merrier!


The High Priest Umbal is the Boss of the 4th campaign: Curse of the Serpent Lord. When you reach the final floor he’ll be invisible and you might think the Hydras are the final monster, but they’re not! Find the lit sigils on the ground and step on them with all the Heroes you have at the same time to make him appear. If you don’t, he’ll keep regenerate Hydras from his hideout! And keep an eye on him if he tries to shuffle his clones! Focus on the real one alone (49-120HP, based on the number of players). An azure spirit sometimes appears and points the real one, if you need.


During the Boss fight of the 4th campaign, just kill the real Umbal and cause no harm to his clones. When he produces them and starts to shuffle & spinning to confuse you, keep an eye on him. Don’t use any Ballista, Behemoth or any zone spell! I wouldn’t take risks even with the Summons and the Warlock’s pet.

If you need a hand to understand who’s who, just remember that only the real one can spawn clones, and now and then an azure spirit appears on the area pointing at Umbal… even when he’s still invisible!


Just after revealing Umbal through the lit sigils on the ground (see Serpent Lord achievement), knock off all the Hydra’s heads, so they no longer appear. Maybe take their energy down near zero BEFORE turning Umbal visible, then kill them as fast as possible when the Boss is on the field. It’ll be easier this way. And rememder: shoot their tail to stun them!


Kill the Mad Elven King from the 5th campaign: Reign of Madness. This guy is tough, but doable. He has 56-138HP (based on the number of players), spectral hand that can stomp you and cure him, and a lot of servants. Try to read the signals to understand what the Hands are up to! If you divide the entire map into 6×6 squares and stay away from the centers of these places, you will be safe (sort of).

The best tip I can give you is to try to obtain the Rálma’s Reckoning card from the beggar on the second floor (under a yellow Point of Interest): he’ll trade it for a Rejuvenation card that you can buy from the first shop or find around.


Finish off a Boss by throwing a bone in his face. The hard parte here lies in making the correct calculations: a bone can do 1dmg (3 if you score a critical), so you must check each Hero picking up their miniatures and use the correct one to take the Boss to the last hit point, and then play the card. Obviously is better to have more than one card available.



Finish a campaign with 3 or 4 Guardians and no other characters. Sigrun is certainly well protected, but she lacks support of any kind, so I would choose the first adventure… unless you like risk.


Finish a campaign with 3 or 4 Assassins and no other characters. Thanks to Kai’s formidable Sneak ability, with them you could overcome any adventure. Free choice!


Finish a campaign with 3 or 4 Sorcerer and no other characters. On paper it shouldn’t be too hard with Zedokar, but melee is risky, so I’d go easy: campaign one.


Finish a campaign with 3 or 4 Hunters and no other characters. Thanks to her ranged attacks and Summons, Ailin could overcome most adventures. The choice is yours, but don’t throw them into the fray without thinking: their strength lies in the distance.


Finish a campaign with 3 or 4 Bards and no other characters. Given his fighting prowess, Molthas may be at risk if too many enemies arrive. I would suggest the first adventure with 3 Bards: focus on Summoning and don’t stop singing for your companions.


Finish a campaign with 3 or 4 Warlocks and no other characters. Playing with Oana is like fighting with two Heroes. If we bring the party to 3 or 4 it’s like playing in 6 or 8! There shouldn’t be any problem.


Finish a campaign with 3 or 4 Barbarians and no other characters. The extreme range of Uhrak is pure tactical flexibility. His attacks, defense and containment cards will open many doors.


Finish a campaign using a single character, as in the legend of Alag. Personally, I believe the easiest way is trying the first adventure with the Assassin… hit and run rules! But you’re free to choose otherwise.


Choose the Assassin for an adventure, but never use the Sneak during the entire campaign.


Collect all the piles of gold coins scattered throughout the first two floors of a dungeon and then kill the Boss. I recommend the first adventure, maybe with a team of Assassins, who are fast and stealthy enough to go by the place using the Sneak ability. The Barbarian can also be useful, considering his mobility. And check every dark corner and elevated area! The game doesn’t always show the contents of a room right away.


Complete an adventure without any of the Heroes getting downed. You can be knocked down and then healed up, but not removed from the level (or at least this is what happened to me!).

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