Demon's Tier+

Demon’s Tier+ Achievements and Guide for Xbox One

Developer and publisher COWCAT has released the official Demon’s Tier+ achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Demon’s Tier+, players will be collecting 18 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements out of 18 achievements in the game. Check out the full Demon’s Tier+ achievements for Xbox One.

Demon’s Tier+ Achievements

The hero's tombDie for the first time20
I need more HPBuy your first potion30
First new weaponCraft a new weapon30
Save a prisonerSave one villager from the clutches of monsters30
Save all prisonersSave three villagers in a single playthrough30
EarthwormDefeat the cave monster50
One less spiderDefeat the spider queen50
A creature from inferno Defeat the ancestral dragon50
A detestable abominationDefeat the demonic spawn50
Not what it seemsDefeat the illusion of Thosgar50
Chest masterOpen at least 100 chests20
Darn fliesDefeat the fly queen at least 5 times30
Full partyGet all six base characters from the tavern30
Tier 1Finish Tier 1100
Tier 2Finish Tier 2100
Tier 3Finish Tier 3100
Meta-keyGet the meta-key from the shop30
Final battleDestroy king Thosgar's dreams200

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