Destiny 2 – Where to Find All Neomuna Regional Chests

Quick guide location on all regional chests on Neomuna for the triumph ” Neptune’s Bounty “.

Zephyr Concourse

Starting from entrance from Striders’ Gate, turn left and make your way up to the roof. Strand helps but not necessary.

Jump down and head down towards “esi terminal” on the bottom right you’ll see a gym display with broken glass. Head inside and jump up to a vent, follow it upwards and you’ll find the second chest on a table. To get out to out the same way.

Last chest is off the platform, head down and jump behind the wall of the platform. You’ll see some platforms you can jump to and get the chest.

Ahimsa Park

From Zephyr Concourse entrance to Ahimsa park, head right to the building with the pink billboard. Off the right side is a platform with a chest.

From there head across the map towards Calus Ship, near the entrance (to the right of it) between the wall and ground there’s a hole. Inside is chest 2.

Back to Calus Ship entrance, turn around and head to the edge on the right. You can jump down and follow the path till you see a cavern. Inside is chest 3

Liming Harbor

Starting at entrance from Zephyr Concourse turn right and go to the edge of the map. Turn right again and jump on the platforms hanging off the side of the yellow building. Chest will be above you.

After getting the first chest turn around and head back. Go into the building right infront of you and jump on the flatforms in the middle. The chest will be on the 3rd plarform.

Exit the building and head to the top right side of the sector, the chest will be behind turbine blades. Jump up.

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