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Devolverland Expo – Frickin’ Laser Beams Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can obtain the achievement called Frickin’ Laser Beams in Devolverland Expo. If you’re one of the players grinding to get this Devolverland Expo achievement, this guide is for you.

As the description of Frickin’ Laser Beams achievement says, you don’t have to get caught by laser beams. Here’s an easy way to do it.

Frickin’ Laser Beams Achievement Guide

The laser beams appear right after you finish the Weird West booth and ride the elevator outside. After entering the room, falling down and opening the doors, you will be faced with a corridor filled with laser beams. Each set of laser beams will increase the difficulty.

First Laser Beam

This is an easy one. You can walk under it with ease, as the laser is going over your head.

Devolverland Expo

Second Laser Beam

This one’s going to ask you to crouch. First of all, crouch and ease up to the laser. Cross the beam when the timing is right. Make sure you thoroughly cross it, because it can reach your back or your leg behind you.

Alternatively, you may slide beneath it. Click forward (W) and then press the slide button (Ctrl) to slide. Just make sure you’re passing through the barrier absolutely. If you stand too fast, the laser will strike your head.

Devolverland Expo

Third Laser Beam

This one fits the same principle as the second laser beam, but with a little tighter pacing. I’ve been able to crouch past it quickly. Sliding has performed well, too.

Devolverland Expo

Fourth Laser Beam

This one is difficult, and it certainly needs sliding to get past. It’s easy to time the gap to slide. Take a look at the pattern for a few cycles, then run at it, then slide. I was able to get through the opening of the middle, but you could use the one that works better.

Devolverland Expo

Fifth Laser Beam

This one needs a lot of cheating. Actually, I think it’s part of the puzzle, so it’s not technically cheating. But if you wanted to try this laser, you have to perfect time for you to slide. I used to cheese it because I wanted the achievement.

Devolverland Expo

Last Two Laser Beams

You can actually cheese them very quickly for the last two lasers. You may even have to do the last three if your aim is very good.

If you look at the very end of the hallway, you’ll see a security booth with a bright red box. This is the same box that you fired at the beginning of the game before you got access to your attendee badge in the security office.

Devolverland Expo

Shoot this red box, and all the lasers will be switched off. You can walk easily, and you’re going to get the achievement  (if you weren’t hit on the previous lasers). This is a very good thing to do before you try the final laser.

Devolverland Expo

When you finish the lasers, you’re going to be finished, and you’re going to have a new achievement. vote that if you get stuck, you’re going to have to try to get the achievement on your next play-through.

I suggest you don’t restart your game if you get stuck and you’re always trying to find the collectibles. Complete the run, and get all the collectibles. Afterwards, start a new game, and speed run the levels all the way to the lasers. It takes about ten minutes to get there.

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