DEVOUR Nightmare Farmhouse Rush Strategy (4 Players)

This guide will be showing you the strategy and tips on how your team of 4 can rush the Nightmare Farmhouse in Devour. If you’re one of the players trying to dominate the game easily, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this is not the only rush strategy that you can use in Devour. Feel free to browse our site for more Devour guide.

Setup Phase

  • Complete the intro sequence.
  • Move 10+ Gas to the Altar. This is Mandatory.

  • Move 10+ Hay to the back of the house steps. Best accessibility.

  • Move 4-6 Medkits into the main room of the house. Centre of the house, quickest revives downtime.

  • Do a Key sweep of the house and open everything up. This is also Mandatory.
  • Designate everyone a role. At least 3x Herders and 1x Medic.

Game Phase Strategy

We will be doing a 2-4-4 method as it is the most efficient, effective, and least difficult method when it comes to dealing with Anna.

Note: The medic is to not carry a medkit at all times, he will hybrid burn/revive.

  • Sacrifice 2x goats at the altar and have 1x person stand in front of Anna and have 1x person with a medkit on stand by to chase Anna for an instant revive. When each of the two players has sacrificed their goat, immediately begin to search for another one each, the first player to find one should dump that one on the altar and find a second one. Upon reviving, the non-medic should also look for a goat. The medic will hang around in the house in case of Demon grabs.
  • Upon 1x Goat in the Altar and 3x Players have goats. Begin Stage Two of sacrificing, Medic will be the one to burn the goat on the Altar, then each player 1 by 1 will burn their own, the first player that isn’t the medic to burn their goat will wait by the Altar fence for an Anna grab, Anna should path to the front of the house or the Attic.

Which are both scenarios require Anna to run through the main room to reach. Therefore allowing the Medic to chase and grab a medkit along the way.

Anna will be considerably more aggressive as it becomes harder to find the goats you are missing, if you don’t have a goat and aren’t the medic, please throw yourself at Anna so the Med can do his/her job. If for whatever reason you get caught by a demon and Anna becomes enraged, somebody who is holding a Goat should sacrifice themselves as you at least know where the goat is to re-pick up and the medic can be as fast as possible.

  • Repeat Stage Two sacrifice ritual.

Out of all the setups we have done, this was the fastest and easiest and got the dub on my second attempt.

And that’s all of it, everyone. We would like to thank NECR0KEK for this amazing Devour strategy guide. Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.