Die in the Dungeon PROLOGUE Achievement Guide and Tips

This guide is designed on how to get the achievements and not to teach basic gameplay. There are a lot of gameplay guides that do that already, just wanted to make a quick guide that sums every achievement up and on ways to tackle the harder ones.


If you have suggestions on how to do these achievements feel free to state them on the comments, finding the best and most consistent way for the rest of the players who don’t have them yet is the goal. If the game gets updated I am not sure if I will update the guide (I don’t plan on playing until the main game comes out). If more achievements are added I will revisit it for sure because I will be doing them. (Also this is the first guide I have made yet).

Natural Progression/Unmissable (Easy)

The “easy” achievements of the game, straightforward and not much effort apart from beating the game.

Tutorial – Beat the Tutorial
Pretty easy all you have to do is click on the tutorial top left when you start playing and you will be guided through it.

Flyswatter – Kill your first Enemy
Same as the previous, straightforward.

Maxed Out – Upgrade one die to Gold tier.
After each fight you will get rewards that can upgrade your dice, there are also events that upgrade them. Technically missable but not really, very low chance you will beat the game without ever upgrading one to gold.

It’s a deal! – Let the Jester randomize your dice.
The Jester is a very common event that can appear and lets you transform your dice. Just agree , transform them and you have this.

Regicide – Defeat the Queen Bee.
Defeat the boss on floor 20, the honey dice she gives in your deck can be used against her on the slots that have crowns on them to double the power of your dice this stacks. Also be careful of her “white turn” she prepares a big attack for the next one that takes 22-26 of your hp so stack armor and brace for it.

Family Matters – Defeat the Evil Frog.
Defeat the boss on floor 25, the first time you reach this floor he just one shots you, you can fight him the second time and he uses your slots to play his own dice. A quick tip is that if you have dice with the grow ability on them you can stall his first phase until you feel confident enough that you can beat his second.

God-like – Obtain a Legendary die.
After each fight you will get rewards, sometimes one of the rewards is to choose a dice. I am not sure which ones are considered legendary I remember getting this very early on(pretty sure “The Holy” dice is considered legendary). Technically missable but not really.

Dicey Grounds – Unlock the Terrain Dice.
On later floor there is an event that asks you if you want a dice, there is a fight after you accept the dice. The terrain dice is very strong, boosts the slot you put it in for the next turns, most people don’t like it because it works against you when you fight the frog, which is true, but it was the dice that helped me get the hardest achievement of the game, I will explain how when the time comes.

Growth Hormone – Unlock the Grow Dice.
Similar to the Terrain Dice. This dice is my personal favourite, for many people as well, everytime you use it makes the dice stronger for future uses. It easily enables stall strats (especially when combined with the heal dice) and allows for broken the broken combos we love in rogue likes.

Miscellaneous Achievement (Medium)

Is this a bug?! – Encounter the secret cockroach.
This is all luck , it’s not hard, there is a cockroach enemy in the game, and there is a variation of it that rarely appears, if you need this achievement just keep playing and reaching floors over 6-7 when cockroaches start to appear (i think). During the time it took me to get all of the achievements I had this enemy appear 4-5 times, it’s not that rare but yeah.

Just a little polish… – Upgrade “The Poop” die to Gold tier.
Early on when you choose the “get a new dice” reward , the poop dice might appear, as you might think it is trash, but there is a catch, if you grab it one of the next floors will let you upgrade it to GOLD and it becomes a dice with sixes on all its sides pretty strong.

Fully Loaded – Fill all slots of the board with dice.
This can only happen on a fight with the Evil Frog, he fills your slots with his own dice and you can fill the rest of the slots, dice like heavy or eternal that stay on the board can help with this achievement, but it is not that hard to get.

Mastery Achievements (Hard)

These achievements are when you actually have to start trying.

Dice Knight – Complete a run with a final grade of S.
While I haven’t seen confirmed ways on what affects the final grade, I believe it is a combination of time, lowest hp, turns taken. This is the second hardest out of the “hard” ones. I ended up getting this while trying to get the D20 hence why I believe lowest hp matters on your grade. If you go specifically for this one I suggest you go as fast as possible while keeping your lowest hp above 15-17 at all times and try to kill the enemies fast(both for time and turns taken). One last tip for this one is to finish all the runs when you go for Speedrunner and D20, that’s what I did, I was trying to get D20 my health fell below 20 but I was at floor 21 , so I thought instead of restarting I might as well finish the run in case it is a grade S and it was.

Speedrunner – Beat the game in under 20 minutes.
This one is the easiest of this category without trying much I got a 17 minutes and 30 seconds, there are several guides explaining how you can go fast. At the moment of writing this guide the world record for the game on speedrun.com is 6m 37s 997ms achieved by datwul. He goes for a nonconsistent strategy, you don’t need to do that to achieve a time faster than 20 minutes, just stating there is a lot of room for error. The area attack dice will help a lot if you have it unlocked, I think it unlocks on the endless mode but after unlocked you can get it early.

Checkmate101 is a youtube channel dedicated to speedruns of the game, nice and interesting content helped me with some strategies as well (also holds the seconds fastest time), I suggest watching his analysis video to get an idea.

D20 – Complete a run without your HP ever dropping from 20.
Straightforward but hard, needs luck and trial and error, block dice is your best friend, make sure to heal up after every fight if you can so you get offered the increase max hp reward that can give you some breathing room. Sometimes you just will fail because of luck, you will get no block dice and the foes will attack you. Floor 21-24 are very dangerous, triple archers are your nemesis, but there are other combinations that can take you down as well. I suggest upgrading your block dice early and also getting a mirror dice and area dice that can take down a lot of foes early. A good healing dice is also good(not the starter glass one) if you have increased your maximum health so you can stall on every fight and heal up for the next. Putting grow on block is pretty crucial for some fights especially the frog, stall on his first phase as long as you need to feel confident you can beat his second.

The One (Very Hard)

I will NOT Die in the Dungeon – Reach Floor 50 on Endless Mode.
The reason I chose to make this guide.

Let’s get some things out of the way first.

  1. You get this achievement the moment you reach floor 50 you don’t need to beat it although floor 50 is easy.
  2. Floors 30,40,50… are all the queen bee boss.
    Floors 35,45,55… are all the frog boss.
    Floors 26-29,31-34,36-39,41-44,46-49…. are normal enemies.
  3. The enemies that are considered difficult change the higher you climb. Specifically the more actions an enemy has the stronger he is the higher you climb. Let me explain. The game’s way to make later floors difficult is by a flat increase to enemies’ stats.
    Example one: the dreadful elite archer from the main game, always attacks twice, mix of two medium attacks, 1 medium 1 hard, 2 hard attacks. That means minimum of 5-6 damage per attack for a total minimum 10-12 per turn. On endless mode his medium attacks will get +1,+2,+3 the higher the floor the strongest he gets, if he has +2 his medium attack deals a minimum 7-8 per attack, minimum 14-16 per turn. A big increase but nothing too crazy.
    Example two: THE FLY, this fly has a case to be the strongest enemy the higher you climb, because it has the 5 action attack. In the main game it is 5 attacks of 1 damage , sometimes 2 damage, usually results to a total of 6-7 damage. Now if we add the +2 each one of the five attacks deals 3 or maybe 4, usually resulting to a total of 16-17 surpassing the elite archer’s medium attacks and only gets worse the higher you climb.
  4. You will need some luck.

Keeping all of the above in mind the hardest enemies on endless mode are the flies and the mimics(they have a lot of actions usually because you have hollow dice and end up using a lot of them every turn), also the beetles can be very strong with their 6 action move (3attacks+3 shields). Elite archers remain a threat but get less dangerous compared to the three aforementioned the higher you climb. Cockroaches and moths(healers) are the easiest because they have the least actions and heal which is not a big deal.
As for the bosses :
The Bee Queen does not really benefir from the flat increase, I have never lost to her on floors 30,40 and 50, also the terrain dice completely breaks this fight if you use it on the edge and next turn the crown is on the spot you used it, I suggest the edge because you can also mirror it, getting crazy numbers you wouldn’t see on any other fight.
The Evil Frog is harder than the bee but still significantly easier than the normal enemies you find in the dungeon. You can always stall the first phase until your grow dices are completely overpowered and you steamroll the second phase. Don’t use the terrain dice too risky since he places his dice first. I didn’t have a problem with holding terrain dice in my hand for the whole fight it was a risk I was very willing to take to increase my chances to beat the normal foes.

The run enders:
I would say most of my runs ended on floors 41-44 and 46-49, on these floor a five action move from the fly can deal 25-28 damage withing one turn. The mimic can do crazy stuff and also buff the rest making you think what dice you play and if you want to play all of them. The beetle can stack defenses and deal so much damage as well.That’s where luck comes into play, if you get 3 moths it’s pretty much a joke of a fight, or even 2 moths, even 1 is nice because you can focus the other two enemies.

What you need to do:
The first turn is the hardest, you need to make a deck of dice that can survive the first turns until your grow dice have scaled a bit and you can stall. To achieve that you either need to oneshot an enemy first turn and tank the hits, then heal up while stalling. Another way is to start stalling from the first turn until your dices have scaled enough to kill the enemies and heal you up to maximum health for the next fight. Always heal by stalling so you can get the bonus health at the end of fights and be healthy for the next. Keep in mind oneshotting the enemies becomes harder the higher you climb because their health increases as well. In one sentence, as long as you heal and block more damage than you take, you can win.

You generally need to have 5-7 dice, I would say 8 is the ceiling, you need consistency. You need some of them to have the hollow ability so you can play all 5 every turn. Example if you have 7 dice you need 4 of them to be hollow to guarantee you play all of them every turn no matter which ones you draw. The grow ability is very strong and very important on block and heal. It would be nice if your attack dice has grow as well but not a priority, the most important thing is to survive and you achieve that by block and heal. The mirror dice is the best dice in the game imho, so flexible , let’s you have any dice you like twice for free. The combo I used is terrain dice on the edge on the first turn, tank the enemies with my large amount of hp then second turn I placed the block+grow or the heal+grow on the slot that had the terrain dice, opposite to it the mirror dice. That gives you a huge boost to survive until your grow dice scale. Area attack dice is also interesting but falls off the higher you climb. The one dice I am not sure and I was experimenting with is the eternal. On my final run I managed to get eternal+grow , I am not sure if it is worth the slot of my deck, but it is a pretty broken combo. Also you can use heavy on one of your attack dice that has grow as well, also pretty strong.

Here is the run I used as an idea on how to beat it you might find success with this deck.
Credit goes to Ink.

After trial and error and a lot of grind, with some luck I got this run, floor 51 is brutal and I tried to beat it but had 3 hard foes and I got oneshot.

This guide about was written by Ryudo. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concern about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.