Digimon World Next Order Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

Tips and strategies for tackling the challenging and time-consuming achievements in Digimon World: Next Order.


Before we dive into the tips and tricks, it’s important to note that pursuing all the achievements in Digimon World: Next Order requires a significant time commitment and a genuine passion for the game. If you truly enjoy Next Order and want to fully immerse yourself in its content, then this guide is for you. However, be prepared for extensive grinding beyond what is needed to simply complete the game.

If you’re still determined to embark on this achievement journey, you’re in the right place. As someone who shares a love for Next Order, I understand the desire to maximize your experience. In this guide, I aim to provide valuable advice and strategies for various achievements, particularly those that demand the most time and effort. I personally know the value of having such guidance during my own pursuit of these accomplishments, and I hope this guide will prove beneficial to you in your own achievement-hunting endeavors.


1. Hang in There… – Make a training mistake
2. First Camp! – Camp using the tent
3. Trainer Debut! – Use the training facility
4. Started Fishing – Catch a fish
5. First Acquisition! – Collect materials
6. First Ingredient! – Collect an ingredient
7. Unconstrained! – All stats over 1000

The acquisition of the tent can be obtained by interacting with Greymon during the camping event, while the fishing rod can be obtained from Wormmon.

Story Achievements

8. Chapter One Cleared!
9. Chapter Two Cleared!
10. Chapter Three Cleared!
11. Chapter Four Cleared!
12. Armageddemon Defeated!

The unlocking of certain achievements is tied to the progression of the game’s story. It is assumed that players seeking assistance with these achievements have already made significant progress. For instance, the Armageddemon questline becomes available after completing Chapter 4.

Battle Achievements

13. Figured It Out! – Finish a battle with no damage
14. Hardcore Attacker! – Inflict 1000 damage in one hit
15. Heavy Attacker! – Inflict 9999 damage in one hit

Certain achievements should naturally unlock during gameplay. However, if they do not, one approach is to venture into the Nigh Plains with at least one high-level partner Digimon. Engage in battle with low-level Goblimon and swiftly use a high-damage attack at the start of the battle, before the Goblimon can retaliate.

16. Hunter King! – Defeat a king-sized enemy

Extra large Digimon, denoted by a pink crown icon next to their names, are formidable adversaries with increased health pools and damage output. These Digimon have a chance of spawning in specific zones. Notably, the following are some examples of such Digimon found in the overworld:

  • Numemon in Nigh Plains
  • Nanimon in Server Desert
  • PlatinumSukamon in Logic Volcano
  • Botamon in MOD Cape
  • Hagurumon in Faulty Ex Machina
  • ToyAgumon in Bony Resort
  • BlueMeramon in Absolute Zero

There may be one in Ohguino Wastelands but I can’t recall seeing one there.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the aforementioned achievements can be easily attained as you progress through the story, particularly against king-sized enemies encountered in the Colosseum battles. Therefore, actively hunting for these Digimon may not be necessary if you have advanced sufficiently in the game.

17. Strategic Retreat! – Flee from a battle

Enter a battle, open the Tactics Menu, select the “escape” button, confirm “yes.” Simple as.

18. Battle Maniac! – Win 300 battles

Nothing to say here, really. This will come naturally as you complete the game or go for the other achievements. 300 battles is a very low number compared to the amount you will likely do.

19. Rookie with Promise! – Win a Colosseum Battle
20. King of the Colosseum! – Win all Colosseum Battles

King of the Colosseum is one of the more difficult achievements due to the handful of battles with attribute or evolution stage restrictions (and one in particular). Part of the issue is that you can’t see these restrictions ahead of time before the battle is unlocked.

Battles with an attribute restriction require one eligible Digimon.

  • (D) Ogre Fort’s Three Demons: Hand-to-Hand
  • (D) Flame + Flame = Fire: Fire
  • (C) Metal Empire: Apparatus
  • (C) Ice World: Ice
  • (B) Advanced Angel: Dark
  • (B) Beautiful Rose Garden: Nature
  • (A) New King-Size Me: Filth
  • (S) Creepymon’s Ambition: Holy
  • (S) Great Wings: Air

Battles with an evolution stage restriction require both Digimon to be eligible.

  • (E) Rookie Adventures: Champion and lower
  • (E) Rookie Idols: Champion and lower
  • (D) Champion Adventures: Ultimate and lower
  • (D) Champion Idols: Ultimate and lower
  • (C) Original Digital Monsters: Ultimate and lower
  • (A) From Another World: Ultimate and lower
  • (S) Digimon Squad Growth: Rookie and lower

One of the effective strategies for attribute battles is to ensure that your partner Digimon have different life cycle timings. By having a high-level Digimon and a low-level Digimon with the desired attributes, you can strategically evolve them to different-attribute Digimon, allowing you to complete multiple attribute battles in a single generation.

However, the most challenging achievement to overcome is the Digimon Squad Growth battle. This particular battle presents a formidable obstacle, as five level 51 rookie Digimon unleash powerful area-of-effect attacks that are not typically accessible to them. It is crucial to bring in two rookies, without any higher-level Digimon, who possess the necessary strength to defeat the opponents within the limited 3-minute time frame. Online discussions and resources can provide further insights into this highly difficult encounter. Here are some general tips to consider, applicable not only to the Digimon Squad Growth battle but also to other Colosseum battles:

  • Use items such as the Utility Plugin X, which can be purchased from Gargomon in the Item Shop, to provide significant attack and defense bonuses throughout the battle.
  • Make use of buffs like Burning Heart (+60% STR for 40 seconds) and Muscle Charge (+40% STR/STA for 20 seconds) to boost your Digimon’s stats. Buffs can stack with item boosts, allowing for powerful combinations.
  • Learn efficient training methods, focusing on battles rather than the training room, to maximize stat gains. Seraphimon sells foods that provide significant stat boosts.
  • Utilize Lucemon’s high-level attacks by blocking other evolution paths in the dojo for your In-Training II Digimon.
  • Dark Spirit can be potent when combined with buffs, as hitting a Digimon with all three projectiles of Dark Spirit deals substantial damage.
  • Lower the difficulty if necessary. There is no requirement for a specific difficulty level, so adjusting it to Beginner or Easy can save grinding time.
  • Clearing the Digimon Squad Growth battle unlocks the ability to use your powerful rookies in other evolution stage restricted battles. Focus on raising Holy and Air attribute Digimon to tackle future challenges efficiently.

Based on your experience, a team of Agumon and Gabumon with 35,000 HP and stats in the high 7000s/low 8000s, along with the Utility Plugin X and Gabumon’s Muscle Charge, was able to succeed on Hard difficulty. Adjusting the strategy and stats based on your difficulty level and playstyle can help achieve success.

Prosperity Achievements

21. First Contribution! – Reach Prosperity 1
22. Town Revitalized! – Reach Prosperity 50
23. Town Expanded! – Reach Prosperity 100
24. Revivalist! – Reach Prosperity 200

To complete this task, you will need to enlist the assistance of every Digimon available in the game. A helpful checklist created by a user named Sylais is available on Steam guides, providing a valuable tool for tracking your progress. Additionally, you can seek hints from Botamon in Jijimon’s house regarding any remaining Digimon to recruit. It’s worth noting that some Digimon have prerequisites, such as upgrading the Lab to unlock all floors. In case you encounter difficulties in interacting with certain Digimon, ensure the Lab is fully upgraded. For instance, MirageGaogamon only appears at night and requires the Colosseum to be fully upgraded. I suggest prioritizing these achievements once you have finished the main story, as there are numerous other achievements that necessitate the recruitment of specific Digimon.

25. Ruler of Other Worlds! – Clear all extra dungeons

In order to progress through the Dimensional District, you will need to conquer six distinct dungeons. Each dungeon necessitates the recruitment of specific Digimon to unlock them. To locate the Demon Lords, RustTyranomon, or Imperialdramon and unlock any remaining dimensions, refer to the recruitment checklist.

These dungeons house some of the most formidable adversaries in the game. However, you can navigate through each dungeon by battling just one or two boss enemies, disregarding the roaming foes. While it’s crucial to have powerful allies, remember that utilizing buffing items and attacks can greatly enhance your chances of success. A dungeon is considered cleared once you defeat the boss at its conclusion. Initially, there is a 5-minute time limit, but you can extend it by upgrading the transporter with the builder and interacting with certain Digimon within the dungeon.

I highly recommend becoming well-acquainted with clearing these dungeons and undertaking them daily in the game whenever possible. Each battle yields substantial experience points and bits, and you may obtain Mega or Ultra level evolution crystals. Furthermore, rare resource nodes can be found within these dungeons, offering the rarest materials obtainable in the game.

26. First-Class Creator! – Upgrade all facilities to max level

To fulfill all the jobs with Veemon, you will require copious amounts of materials, with some of the highest-level upgrades demanding exceptionally rare ones. It is likely that you will need to embark on dedicated resource collection runs specifically for acquiring certain materials. Having tamer skills of the extractor type will slightly increase your material yields, and camping allows you to condense the materials you carry without returning to town. Keep in mind that the maximum material carrying capacity is 200, which is influenced by the Stamina attribute of your partners.

The type of materials you gather depends on the specific node, generally with higher-tier materials being found in more challenging regions. Interestingly, the dungeons within the Dimensional District serve as the prime source for obtaining the rarest materials, hence my recommendation to engage with them as frequently as possible. Additionally, Gotsumon and Tyranomon can be utilized to trade common materials for rarer ones if you find yourself short on a few. However, the conversion rate is not particularly advantageous, so relying solely on these trades is not intended as a substitute for personal material collection.

Tamer Achievements

27. Signs of Improvement! – Increase your Tamer level
28. Supreme Tamer! – Reach Tamer level 50

Achieving the Supreme Tamer rank requires a significant amount of grinding. Just to go from level 49 to 50, you need an astonishing 100,000 experience points. Experience can be gained by exploring outside the city (with distance traveled being a factor, so running in circles can suffice), winning battles, and through the Heart Master tamer skill, which grants experience every time you increase mood, bond, or digifriend.

Your most favorable option is to clear dungeons within the Dimensional District. Both the roaming enemies and bosses provide several hundred experience points upon defeating them, allowing you to optimize each run by engaging with roaming enemies until the time limit expires. Furthermore, once you recruit Samudramon/Gaiomon in the Three Gods of Ruin EX Scenario, they will occasionally appear in each dungeon, offering a generous 2000 experience points for free. Titamon, also obtained from the same quest, enables you to rematch Shoma or Mameo once per day. Mameo grants more experience but poses a greater challenge.

29. Moneybags! – Have 100,000 bits
30. Zillionaire! – Have 1,000,000 bits

By completing runs in the Dimensional District, reaching 1 million bits becomes relatively easy, especially if you possess the Bit Getter and Drop Master tamer skills. Additionally, after defeating all the dungeons, Lilithmon rewards you with 50,000 bits daily.

Digimon Raising Achievements 1

31. Good Friend! – Reach digifriend 100
32. Best Friend! – Reach bond 100

These tasks may prove unexpectedly challenging in the early stages of the game. However, as you acquire certain tamer skills, particularly Life Master in the Life-Care group, they become much easier. It is essential to avoid battles that you feel you cannot win, so you never have to flee and endure the penalties to bond and digifriend.

33. Longevity – Reach age 20

With life-extension tamer skills and without any alterations to their lifespan, a Digimon that reaches the Mega stage will typically live for approximately 25 in-game years, with some variability. The key is to avoid diminishing their lifespan, which occurs when fatigue reaches 40 or above, indicated by the appearance of the sweat icon. Battles contribute 2 fatigue each, so make sure to rest before the 20th battle when engaging in consecutive battles. Sickness and injuries may also shorten a Digimon’s lifespan, although I have not personally confirmed this through testing. On occasion, Piedmon’s experiment will reduce lifespan but compensate with 1500 L Tokens. It is important to note that using sleep to lower fatigue when above the 40% threshold seems to deplete lifespan throughout the entire night. I made the mistake of committing this error when I first started and inadvertently caused the early demise of a couple of Digimon.

However, there is another approach. As you progress in the game, you will unlock methods to extend a Digimon’s lifespan. The following are the means to achieve life extension:

  • Renamon’s Colorful Mushroom Soup: 3 hours
  • Seraphimon’s Rainbow Drink: 1 hour
  • Seraphimon’s Nice Mushroom Pasta: 3 hours

Of these options, Renamon’s Colorful Mushroom Soup is the best. It costs just 8000 bits (4000 on Thursdays) for 3 hours each. On most meals your partners will end up eating 2 for a total of 6 added hours per meal. It also gives a very respectable 500 MP bonus.

  • Phantom Nectar: 3 hours
  • Digisnakehead: 6 hours
  • Rotting Melon: 24 hours (!)

These particular ingredients are exceptionally rare and provide a life boost as well. When consuming them, it’s advisable to cook them in the camp to feed both partners with just one ingredient. Phantom Nectar has approximately a 5% chance of dropping each time you make a purchase from the vending machine located in front of the Palace of Thorns in Ohguino Wastelands. To efficiently farm it, you can fly to the location and buy 99 File Sodas per trip. Digisnakeheads can be sporadically obtained by fishing in the Bony Resort lake and in the Drainage Path at Faulty Ex Machina using either the Frog or Crayfish lures. Additionally, they can be found in fishing hole 5 after offering 2 Digisnakeheads to MegaSeadramon. Rotting Melons can be purchased for 10,000 L Tokens from Rapidmon once you have upgraded the Arena to grade 3. Occasionally, these ingredients can also be acquired from the Dimensional Box in Jijimon’s house. The cost of Phantom Nectar is 500 NWP, Digisnakeheads are priced at 500 NWP, and Rotting Melons cost 4000 NWP. Digisnakeheads provide the highest life increase per NWP and are the most challenging to obtain in large quantities, making it advisable to allocate all your points toward acquiring them.

  • Speak to Imperialdramon FM in a dimensional dungeon: 12 hours
  • Speak to Crusadermon in a dimensional dungeon: 15 hours
  • “Donate” 1000 L Tokens to MetalEtemon: 3 hours

In addition to the monetary rewards, experience points, materials, and crystals, another enticing reason to complete the dungeons within the Dimensional District on a daily basis is the opportunity to interact with Imperialdramon FM or Crusadermon, who offers life boosts free of charge. If you’re fortunate, you may encounter them multiple times. Whenever you need to heal or reduce fatigue, simply seek solace in the company of your friend MetalEtemon for a comforting hug, granting an additional 3 hours.

  • MarineAngemon in the Hospital can transfer 6 hours of life from one partner to the other once per day. Not technically an extension, but it’s appropriate to mention.
  • Very rarely, Aruraumon’s daily flower lesson will mention the pinwheel flower, which gives a boost to life. I don’t know the amount and it’s too rare to be a viable method, but it’s there if you really like learning about flowers or something.

Achieving a form of effective immortality is possible if you consistently gain 24 hours or more of life per day. To accomplish this, it suffices to clear the dimensional dungeons daily, receive a hug from MetalEtemon, and exclusively consume Colorful Mushroom Soup. Alternatively, by winning enough battles in the Colosseum, you can acquire a Rotting Melon to cook and feed to both partners. It’s important to note that the rewards provided by MetalTyranomon for reaching age milestones cease at 40 days, and the listed age in your Digimon’s status page has a maximum cap of 99 days.

Digimon Raising Achievements 2

34. Rebirth! – Have a partner die and reincarnate
35. Master of Rebirth! – Have a partner die and reincarnate 20 times
36. Rookie Tamer! – Digivolve to Rookie
37. Capable Tamer! – Digivolve to Champion
38. First-Class Tamer! – Digivolve to Ultimate
39. Legendary Tamer! – Digivolve to Mega
40. FirstJogress – Undergo DNA digivolution
41. Digimon Fan! – Raise 50 Digimon species
42. Digimon Researcher! – Raise 100 Digimon species
43. Professor of Digimon! – Raise 200 Digimon species

Grouping all of these achievements together because obtaining the Professor of Digimon title requires accomplishing all the other achievements along the way. It is advisable to pursue this achievement last, as the process is extremely time-consuming and can lead to a desire for a long break from raising Digimon. Additionally, it can be emotionally challenging due to the frequent deaths of your Digimon partners.

To begin, it is recommended to make preparations by aiming to collect a substantial number of evolution crystals. This will allow you to bypass the waiting time for natural evolutions. BanchoLeomon in the Item Shop sells Champion level crystals, although his stock changes daily. Cherubimon in the item shop and WereGarurumon in the Advanced Item Shop sell Ultimate level crystals.

Obtaining Mega and Ultra level crystals is more difficult. Darkdramon sells mega crystals for Digimon from the Adventure 01 and Tamers anime series, as well as Cherubimon, MirageGaogamon, and PlatinumNumemon. His stock changes daily. Rapidmon in the Arena sells Royal Knight crystals for 5000 L Tokens each. Battles in the Dimensional District can yield the remaining Ultra level crystals, as well as those for the Demon Lords, RustTyranomon, Machinedramon, Imperialdramon, and most other Mega-level Digimon. Note that some mega crystals only drop from specific roaming enemy battles, so it’s important to engage in battles beyond just fighting the bosses. Speak to Beelzemon daily for Lilithmon and Beelzemon crystals. For more detailed lists, you can search for specific crystal locations.

Garudamon has a rare chance of providing exclusive crystals that cannot be obtained elsewhere. The 3-day course offers BlackWarGreymon and MetalGarurumon (Black), the 4-day course grants BanchoLeomon and Jijimon, and the 5-day course rewards Omegamon Zwart and Susanomon. These rewards are unique to Garudamon, but they are exceptionally rare, so raising these Digimon manually may be necessary.

It’s worth noting that BlackWarGreymon and MetalGarurumon (Black) are the only combination that can DNA Digivolve into Omegamon Zwart. Also, neither of them can be recruited to Floatia. If you do not obtain any of Garudamon’s crystals, you will have to raise BlackWarGreymon and MetalGarurumon (Black) simultaneously and use DNA Digivolution between them to obtain Omegamon Zwart. Keep this in mind.

After defeating Boltboutamon in the final EX Scenario, you can return to the mansion every 10 days for a rematch and earn his crystal.

Prior to initiating the process, it is helpful to maximize the all-time highest stats of both your partners. Achieving 9999 on all stats and acquiring all the tamer skills for inheritance will provide future descendants with a starting point of approximately 1400 points in their stats. This is highly beneficial for meeting stat requirements if you have to follow the normal evolution path.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have several million bits before embarking on this endeavor, as you won’t have the opportunity to grind for more for a considerable amount of time.

When you are finally prepared, it is recommended to reset your tamer skills with Datamon and repurchase all of them, excluding the life-extension skills. This will make the process of terminating your Digimon easier. Then, you can repeat this cycle:

  • Kill your partners. Use the Devil Chips purchased from LadyDevimon until you can’t anymore, then train to increase fatigue until they die.
  • Select the eggs based on any rookie species you haven’t raised yet. These don’t have evolution crystals so you have to get them normally.
  • Train to In-Training II. Run to the Dojo and block any Rookie evolutions you’ve already gotten.
  • Train to Rookie.
  • Use crystals to evolve to Mega or Ultra. Make sure you’re getting a new entry in the Field Guide for every stage along the way. Assuming you have Prosperity 200 and the Dojo at grade 3, most Megas can use Extra DNA Digivolution with Paildramon to reach Ultra without needing to use a crystal.
  • Repeat.

To cater to completionists, there’s an additional method to uncover all the digivolution requirements in the game. By giving Antylamon multiple crystals at each stage, you can reveal the necessary conditions. Simply purchase 99 crystals of any type from BanchoLeomon. Sukamon crystals are a good choice since they remain in stock consistently.

It’s important to note that there are more Champion and Mega level Digimon compared to Ultimate and Rookie levels. Eventually, you may exhaust the supply of new Rookie and Ultimate Digimon. OmegaShoutmon and Arresterdramon have two versions each: a Champion version and a Mega version. There are specific evolution crystals available for both types. BanchoLeomon occasionally sells the Champion versions. You only need to obtain one version of either OmegaShoutmon or Arresterdramon to complete the Field Guide entry, so finding both crystal types is unnecessary. If you choose to use Extra DNA Digivolution instead of the crystal for Boltboutamon, you must use it on Myotismon. Attempting to use it on Piedmon will default to combining with Diaboromon and producing Armageddemon. Lastly, while raising the voiced Agumon and Gabumon may seem appealing for novelty purposes, they are coded as different species from the regular variants. As a result, they and their evolutions will not contribute to completing the field guide.

Every Digimon above the Rookie level in the game has a corresponding crystal. With sufficient preparation, it’s possible to raise 200 Digimon solely through crystal evolutions. However, if you lack enough crystals or wish to collect all 232 Digimon, some will need to be raised traditionally. Plan out the desired evolution path in advance, use Antylamon to uncover the requirements, and utilize the training room to expedite the process once you meet the prerequisites. Generally, Rookies evolve at age 4, Champions at age 7, and Ultimates at age 10 or 11. This timeline remains unchanged even if a crystal is used for earlier evolutions. For instance, if a Rookie is evolved at age 2, you still have to wait until it reaches age 7 for the next stage. Therefore, if you lack a crystal for a specific Mega-level Digimon, there’s no point in using crystals for the preceding stages unless your Digimon’s evolution paths do not lead to the desired Mega-level Digimon.


44. Card Master! – Collect all 540 cards

Indeed, collecting all the cards in the game is a massive grind. Each time you gather materials from a resource node, there’s a small chance of obtaining a new card. The good news is that there are no duplicate cards, so whenever you receive a notification about a new card, it means it’s one you didn’t have before. To acquire all the cards, you’ll need to explore the game world and interact with as many resource nodes as possible. Nodes that offer 3 or 5 collecting actions are more valuable for obtaining cards compared to single nodes. Here are three routes I used, each for an in-game day, when pursuing this objective.

Before embarking on this task, reset your skills with Datamon and repurchase them, excluding the resource collection skills. The goal is to pick up as few materials as possible per collection operation, allowing you to visit more nodes before your inventory fills up. It’s also recommended to increase the stamina of your partners until you can carry 200 materials in your inventory. Additionally, having powerful partners will prevent roaming Digimon from pursuing you. Whenever your inventory becomes full, set up camp to condense the materials and continue collecting.

If you’re unsure about the locations of material nodes in a particular area, the game helpfully marks all of them on the map with stars.

Route 1

  • Fly to MOD Cape. There is an optional single liquid node to your right. Turn around and go to Nigh Plains.
  • Nigh Plains – Cave Entrance: 2 nodes.
  • Nigh Plains – Forest Path: 3 nodes.
  • Nigh Plains – Vast Plateau: Run straight to Power Plant #2 by passing by the Old Cableway entrance where you’ll find 2 nodes
  • Nigh Plains – Power Plant #2: 6 nodes

Route 2

  • Fly to Absolute Zero Hinterlands.
  • Go to Icy Hall. You can either go forward to Icy Way Temple and take the first teleporter on the right or turn around and go through Frozen Divider. Going forward to the teleporter will put you next to a single node. The enemies in the cathedral seem to always chase you so don’t worry about any other nodes you might pass on the way out.
  • Absolute Zero – Ice Sculpture Room: 2 nodes
  • Absolute Zero – Frost Cathedral: 4 nodes
  • Absolute Zero – Freeze Way: 2 nodes
  • Faulty Ex Machina – North Coast: 4 nodes
  • Faulty Ex Machina – Boulder Island: Take the left path. The node there is a triple while the right path is a single you can ignore.
  • Faulty Ex Machina – Pathfork Island: 1 node. You can opt to skip it if you feel it is too out of the way. It is a triple node, however.
  • Faulty Ex Machina – Control Island: 1 node. Ignore the one by the Control Room entrance.
  • Faulty Ex Machina – East Coast: 8 nodes.

Route 3

  • Fly to Ohguino Wastelands. There’s a triple node by the entrance. Turn around and go to Server Desert.
  • Server Desert – Stepstep: 2 nodes. You can ask MegaKabuterimon (Blue) to get rid of the holes after you find Grankuwagamon’s evolution crystal in one of them in case the holes are still around.
  • Server Desert – Server Cemetary: 3 nodes.
  • Server Desert – Dead End Town: 4 nodes.

If you have extra time, there are 4 triple nodes in Nigh Plains – Ruins Lake just outside Floatia.

Digimon World Conqueror!

45. Digimon World Conqueror! – Acquire all achievements

And there you have it! Congratulations on completing the game! At this point, there isn’t much left to do except clearing dimensional dungeons, engaging in Colosseum battles, or starting anew by raising new Digimon. Perhaps you could even try collecting every evolution crystal in the game.

Let’s be honest, though. Some of these achievements can feel quite tedious and may overstay their welcome, especially the card collection and completing the field guide. It’s understandable to feel ready to move on after collecting a substantial number of Digimon, such as around 150.

This guide about Digimon World: Next Order was written by Auraxade. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.

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