Dinkum Fast Travel | Where to Find and Activate a Tele Tower

One of the best ways to travel across the map in Dinkum is by using tele towers. These towers will transport you and your vehicle to another point on the map. But before you use these tele towers, you are required to fix them first. After fixing them, you can use them to fast travel as many times as you want.

This guide shows you the details on how to activate tele tower in Dinkum. At the same time, you will also learn the location of these tele towers in the game.

How to Activate a Tele Tower

You will need the following resources to activate a tele tower:

  • x1 Shiny Disc
  • x1 Smooth Slate
  • x2 Hot Cylinder
  • x3 Green Board
  • x8 Bright Wire

After you have gathered all the needed resources, place them all in the middle of the tower. This will trigger action, and you should see a purple light appear on the map.

Note that if it’s your first time activating a tele tower, you will only see the purple light glowing. However, if you’ve already activated a tele tower once, then your map should automatically open showing you the location where you can teleport.

How to Use a Tele Tower

To fast travel using a tele tower, simply open the map and click on the tele tower where you want to travel. There’s only a total of 4 tele towers in the game. It’s basically in the north, south, west, and east parts of the map. Here’s a clearer map of the locations of each tele tower in Dinkum:

This is everything you need to learn about Dinkum’s fast travel system. Did this guide help you? Feel free to browse our other Dinkum guides by checking our Dinkum archive page.

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