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Dinkum John’s Goods | Tools and Items Price List

There are lots of things that you can do in Dinkum such as mining, fishing, and more. However, you can’t do all of these things without proper tools. Fortunately, you can buy the needed tools in John’s Goods. Here, you will find the full list of tools and useful items that can be purchased from John in Dinkum.

John’s Tools and Items Price List

While most of the goods that are being sold by John do not require a license, some of them are pretty expensive. So, make sure that you have enough Dinks (money) before visiting John. Check out the list of items below.

NameRequirementPriceSell Price
Basic AxeLogging LicenceÐ 1,000Ð 500
Basic Fishing RodFishing LicenceÐ 1,260Ð 630
Basic PickaxeMining LicenceÐ 1,200Ð 600
BBQNoneÐ 34,000Ð 17,000
Bug NetNoneÐ 1,100Ð 550
ShovelExcavation LicenceÐ 900Ð 450
Table SawNoneÐ 5,200Ð 2,700
BananaNoneÐ 496Ð 248
Bush LimeNoneÐ 180Ð 90
Copper BarNoneÐ 2,000Ð 1,000
FlashlightNoneÐ 6,000Ð 3,000
FurnaceNoneÐ 20,000Ð 15,400
Iron BarNoneÐ 4,000Ð 2,000
Machine ManualNoneÐ 15,000Ð 7,500
Metal DetectorNoneÐ 6,600Ð 3,300
Mine PassDeep Mining LicenceÐ 25,000Ð 12,500
Stone GrinderNoneÐ 10,000Ð 5,000
WheelbarrowNoneÐ 30,000Ð 15,000

Important Notice: Copper Bar is only available on John’s Goods every Wednesday. If you’re planning to purchase this item, make sure to plan ahead and mark your calendar.

If you still don’t have any idea how to get a license, feel free to check our Dinkum Licenses guide.

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