Disciples: Liberation

Disciples: Liberation PC Keyboard Controls

Disciples: Liberation is a strategy RPG game developed by Frima Studio. If you’re planning to join forces with the liberation, here are the Disciples: Liberation controls to help you get started. You can change and modify these default Disciples: Liberation keybindings in the settings section of the game.

Disciples: Liberation Controls

  • Pan Camera Up – W
  • Pan Camera Left – A
  • Pan Camera Down – S
  • Pan Camera Right – D
  • Tilt Camera Up – Page Up
  • Tilt Camera Down – Page Down
  • Turn Camera Left – Q
  • Turn Camera Right – E
  • Toggle Tactical View – Left Shift
  • Show/Hide Health Bars – F
  • Quick Save – F5
  • Open Map – M
  • Open Character – Esc
  • Open Journal – J
  • Toggle Follow Camera Mode – Spacebar
  • Show Outlines – Left Alt

You can also refer to the controls screenshot taken from the game below:

Disciples: Liberation

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