Dissident Achievement – Liberated

Vote pro-rebels in Issue 04

How to Unlock Dissident Achievement

At the end of Issue 04 there is a part that you check a social media platform that looks like Facebook. A user with a Liberated nickname shares a post about government with secret files and you will be given two options again like in Issue 01. You need to like or dislike all of them and unlock two achievements according to your likes.

You will vote for 12 posts in total. Below is the correct vote that you need to follow to get this achievement.

  1. Like
  2. Dislike
  3. Dislike
  4. Dislike
  5. Like
  6. Dislike
  7. Dislike
  8. Like
  9. Dislike
  10. Dislike
  11. Dislike
  12. Dislike
Guide by Mr. Orange.

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