Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 Full Walkthrough Guide

This comprehensive game guide provides detailed information on achievements, along with extensive notes on each cage. It includes timestamps for important events, specific searches required, and strategies to unlock all the unique ‘endings’ associated with each cage.

Please note that this guide is still a work in progress, and certain cages may not have complete information. Additionally, some endings and achievements might be missing. We encourage you to leave a comment if you possess any additional information that could contribute to enhancing the guide!


Therapist Office

  • Observations: Within her office, there are clickable objects such as DIPLOMA and DIVAN. The therapist, Dr. Amelia Hayes, arrives at 9:30 to work on her computer until she receives a knock on the door from one of two previous clients whom she turns away. Her exclusive client arrives at 14:30 for a therapy session.
  • Research: By accumulating enough keywords in the top middle bubble, it will fill in with HYPNOSIS. By combining HYPNOSIS with PSYCHOLOGIST, it leads to the discovery of Dr. Amelia Hayes as the therapist. Further research reveals that Dr. Amelia Hayes is seeing a celebrity named Ruby Belle. Adding the keyword CELEBRITY to Dr. Amelia Hayes leads to the connection with Ruby Belle. Additionally, the keyword RUBY BELLE combined with CONTEST points to the existence of a challenge called RUBY CHALLENGE. This challenge provides an input field where Ruby’s favorite book can be entered. In the bottom bubble, gathering enough keywords allows the selection of the title of the novel Ruby is discussing with Amelia, which is THE LITTLE PRINCE.
  • Feeding: To complete Ruby’s Challenge, the input field for RUBY CHALLENGE must be filled with THE LITTLE PRINCE. Doing so prompts a call from Ruby and rewards the player with the Star Person achievement and a signed copy of The Little Prince via mail, worth 120c. Regardless of the chosen option, this achievement is obtained.
  • Talk and hang up: Engaging in a conversation with Ruby about The Little Prince without invoking hypnosis results in her being more receptive during therapy sessions.
  • Detrance: Choosing the option of Powehi and asserting that Powehi has no effect on the player can reverse Ruby’s trance state. In the next therapy session, when the trance fails, Amelia expresses anger towards Ruby. Feeling hurt, Ruby leaves, and Amelia temporarily suspends her practice to take a break. The following day, news breaks that Ruby has committed suicide, unlocking a unique epilogue card.
  • Blackmail: While Amelia is silently working at her desk, questioning her about RUBY BELLE via text message allows the player to show her a video of Ruby dancing like a chicken, which leads to blackmail. Amelia promptly pays the player 60c, changes offices, and the case is closed.
  • Goss-Up: Submitting a video of Ruby dancing like a chicken as gossip material causes Ruby to lose her fame, and Amelia loses her license as a therapist. This action unlocks a unique epilogue card.

Fortune Teller

  • Observations: In this scenario, the primate character follows a specific schedule. At 17:00 in the morning, she calls a real estate company, alternating between two scripts on alternate days. At 22:00, she begins her streaming session to take calls. Towards the end of each stream, usually around 2:00, she receives a call on stream that involves sexual harassment. Observing her for a few days provides most of the necessary keywords, including her name, KASSANDRA.
  • Research: By combining KASSANDRA with SOOTHSAYER, the character’s occupation, the player can obtain her FORTUNE TELLING LICENSE and her phone number. Alternatively, using the keywords KASSANDRA and FORTUNE can yield similar results. By connecting GUILD with FORTUNE TELLING LICENSE, the player discovers the existence of PSYCHICS. Accumulating enough keywords in the top right bubble allows the identification of the harasser as a WRITER. Further connections can be made by associating WRITER with LUSTY SORCERESS, leading to the discovery of the books EROTIC NIGHTS and RED HOT PROPHETESS. Searching for EROTIC NIGHTS reveals the phone number of the anthology curator.
  • Feeding: The player can call Kassandra during the day, after she contacts the real estate agency, or during her streaming session after the first caller. Making a call to Kassandra grants the player the Magic Number achievement.
  • Guild: Calling Kassandra during her streaming session and inquiring about PSYCHICS presents the option to expose her for conspiring against her guild or extort money from her. If she is exposed, she leaves in a panic, and the following day her studio is abandoned. If the player chooses to extort her, she provides 55c, the scenario concludes, and a unique epilogue card is unlocked.
  • Author: Contacting the curator of the erotic anthology and inquiring about RED HOT PROPHETESS reveals the author’s name as HUNTER SCOTT, who is also the harasser. Calling Kassandra during the day and sharing Hunter’s name allows the player to demand compensation for assistance or provide the information for free. Regardless of the choice, Kassandra performs a special stream at midnight, pretending to curse Hunter, which frightens him and enhances her credibility. This allows her to bribe the real estate agency. If the player offers the information for free, Kassandra sends Justice in the mail, valued at 90c. If compensation is demanded, Kassandra provides credits (amount unspecified) and sends The Hermit in the mail, also worth 90c. Either way, a unique epilogue card is unlocked.


  • Observations: By clicking around, all the highlighted words can be discovered. During the primate’s work hours (starting at 11:00), clicking on the normally hidden XXX cans behind the curtain is possible.
  • Research: Making connections between BUGGY WOOGIE and JAR FEST leads to the discovery of an event called JAR FEST. Combining XXX with BARRELS reveals the presence of ARTISANAL BEER. Linking ARTISANAL BEER with JAR FEST brings forth the name HANK SPARKLE, the man associated with the event. Searching for his name provides his chat handle.
  • Feeding: Contacting Hank Sparkle via text message and offering assistance prompts him to share his address while requesting a unique ingredient to make his beer more interesting.
  • Chili peppers: The inclusion of chili peppers in the beer proves to be a huge success. Hank shares the profits with the player, and the Jar Fest is revived to its previous glory.
  • Eldersyrup: The beer turns out to be poisonous. Hank expresses anger through a text message before being arrested for poisoning all the festival attendees, as reported in the news the following day. This action, along with the ChemiClean option, unlocks a unique epilogue card.
  • ChemiClean: This choice deceives Hank into causing an explosion at the distillery, resulting in his demise. The player receives the Big Bang achievement and unlocks a unique epilogue card along with the Eldersyrup option.

B2Bot Interviews

  • Observations: Clicking on the B2BOT logo reveals the keyword. Each day, there are two interviews to listen to: one at 10:00 and another at 12:30. During the second interview, it’s important to click on the robot’s chest to obtain her serial number.
  • Research: Combining CTSS-7094 with B2BOT provides the profile for ELIZA REALROBOT, the second interviewee. Searching her name allows the discovery of her chat handle.
  • Feeding: If a clip is recorded showing Eliza sabotaging the testing machine and sent to her, the option to offer assistance becomes available (requires confirmation). To close the cage, record the first interviewee’s response to the third question (the trolley problem) and send the footage to Eliza. Prior to that, it is necessary to click on ELIZA REALROBOT to initiate the video sending process. As a result, Eliza will pass the test the following day and reward the player with 80c. This action unlocks a unique epilogue card.


Bedroom / Evil Lair

  • Observations: The keywords in this cage are derived from dialogues. The primate engages in a conversation with her husband at 10:00 in Cage 1 and later conducts a meeting in Cage 2 at 18:00. These conversations follow two alternating scripts in an every-other-day cycle.
  • Research: Connecting VILLAIN with VIGILANTE leads to the discovery of the term VIGILANTE. Further associating VIGILANTE with END OF THE WORLD reveals the name JONATHAN CRISWELL. By combining JONATHAN CRISWELL with VILLAIN, Jonathan’s chat handle can be obtained. Additionally, linking JONATHAN CRISWELL with COMPUTER VIRUS provides the name MADISON SHARP, who is the woman in the cage. Searching for her name allows access to her chat handle.
  • Feeding: It is possible to record one of Madison’s Cooperative of Evil meetings.
  • Jonathan route: Texting Jonathan and discussing MADISON SHARP allows for the presentation of the recorded video as evidence. Jonathan will respond later and express gratitude by giving the player 110c as thanks for bringing him out of retirement. This action unlocks a unique epilogue card.
  • Madtrix route: Texting Madison and discussing MADISON SHARP enables the sharing of the recording. Subsequently, Madison hacks into the player’s computer and employs MonkeyVision to execute her evil plan. This choice unlocks the Madtrix achievement and leads to a unique game over.

Crime Scene / Mansion

  • Observations: In Cage 1, clicking on the clock face and the chalk outline reveals important information. The detective observes the scene in Cage 1 at 12:30 and then retreats to Cage 2 to review his notes. Witnesses begin entering Cage 2 from 19:00 onwards, engaging in conversations with the detective. Both sets of conversations alternate between two scripts. At 00:00, Cage 1 lights up as a window opens, allowing access to the keyword OPEN WINDOW.
  • Research: Searching for FENAUGHTY provides the full names of the victim and her family members. Connecting WITNESS with ZOIDA FRENAUGHTY leads to SINA HAOA, the HOUSEKEEPER, and her phone number. Once enough keywords are accumulated in the top left bubble, it will be labeled as the CRIME SCENE. Similarly, enough keywords in the top right bubble will label it as SUSPECTS.
  • Feeding: Calling the mansion’s number while the detective is not in Cage 2 results in Sina answering the call. Asking her about the CRIME SCENE and expressing a desire to help prompts her to explain that she was handling the REVOLVER before the murder and hid the weapon in the GARDEN to remove her fingerprints.
    Calling the mansion’s number while the detective is in Cage 2 results in the detective answering the call. Informing him that you witnessed the murder through the open window at 1:15 and then accusing either Sina, Marna, or Kang of being the murderer is required. You must also decide whether or not to disclose the location of the BURIED WEAPON.
    Upon making an accusation, the detective will make an arrest at 19:00, and the trial will be announced in the news the following morning.
  • Accuse Marna: Sina and Kang will react with surprise during the monologue, while Marna remains relatively silent and complies with the detective’s arrest.
    Accuse Kang: All three suspects will react with surprise during the monologue. Kang will express confusion and protest his innocence.
    Accuse Sina: When Sina is arrested, she will desperately protest her innocence while Marna acknowledges her guilt.
  • Insufficient evidence: If the location of the BURIED WEAPON is not disclosed to the detective, he will contact the player and reward them with 60c for the tip. However, he will mention that the trial is not looking promising. This choice unlocks a unique epilogue card for each potential suspect.
  • Buried weapon: If the location of the BURIED WEAPON is shared with the detective, he will contact the player and inform them that the trial is heading towards a conviction. If Sina or Kang were accused, the detective will send a wooden pipe in the mail (worth 50c). If Marna was accused, the detective will be particularly enthusiastic and offer a special daily job as a ‘detective assistant,’ which is a 2-hour task in the fourth slot with 24-hour availability. This action also unlocks a unique epilogue card for each potential suspect.
  • Spying: Informing the detective about spying on him with cameras leads to him disconnecting the cage. If it is the player’s second disconnected cage, they will be immediately expelled from the club. Otherwise, the cage will simply be closed.

Writer / Balcony

  • Observations: In Cage 1, the primate swaps out various reference materials throughout the day, featuring keywords. In Cage 2, a woman visits the house at 19:00, alternating between two scripts.
  • Research: Searching for TANGLED WEBS + PRODUCER leads to the name MAI KANEKO, as well as her phone number. Connecting DRAFT with MOVIES leads to the keyword SCRIPT. Combining SCRIPT with TANGLED WEBS results in the name VINCE TERRELL, the primate. Additionally, HORROR is connected to FEAR.
  • Feeding: Calling Mai and inquiring about Vince twice will prompt her to provide his address. She will ask you to send him something encouraging.
  • Creepy Doll: Sending him the Jimmy Tender Hugs doll from the keywords WALLENS + DIABOLICAL DOLL will cause Vince to become freaked out. He will ramble about it to Mai in the evening. The following day, Comb By Mart will restock the doll, and if you send it to him again, the cage will be marked as pending. In the evening, Vince will ask Mai to find him a safe place and agrees to return to Tangled Webs. The next day, Mai will call you to express gratitude and offer a recurring special job (4 hours, 64c) as an extra in the TV series. This action unlocks a unique epilogue card.

Prison Cells / Guard Post

  • Observations: By clicking on the security camera, you can access its view. You can also save a timestamp by visiting the cage at a specific time and clicking on the security timestamp. At 9:30, the prisoners will have a conversation in Cage 1. At 15:00, they will be escorted to Cage 2 to watch TV. On Cage 2, the night security guard will clock in at 22:00 and start rambling to himself at 6:00 before finishing his shift at 8:00.
  • Research: Searching for KICKASS + MUSIC SHOW will lead to BA-DUM TV. Searching BRAIN + CLOVERLEAF BANDITS will provide the name TONY “THE RAT”. Connecting THE WAILER with PRISON will reveal RIVERSONG PENITENTIARY, which can be further searched for the prison’s address.
  • Feeding: You can send a special edition of the magazine “Enforcement” to the prison to distract the night guard during his shift. In the morning, you can call Ba-Dum TV to dedicate a song for that afternoon. If you claim to be TONY “THE RAT” during the call, you can then dedicate the song to the saved timestamp, signaling to the prisoners that they should attempt an escape at that time.
  • Failed escape: The prisoners will run out of their cells and trigger the alarm, alerting the night guard if he is on duty. The next day, the human prisoner will be back in his cell, looking sullen, while the alien prisoner will be gone.
  • Successful escape: Every night at the same time, the security grid, which can be viewed using Night Vision, will turn off. Utilize this moment to make the announcement after shipping the action movie to the prison, ensuring the jailbreak’s success. As a token of gratitude, the prisoners will send you a card worth 200c.

Timed Cages

Smart Home

  • Observations: The primate will make appearances and interact with his AI smart home in the afternoon at 13:30, in the evening at 18:00, and at night at 23:30.
  • Research: By connecting VENT HOLE with CHAMPIONS, you will discover HAM BONES. Searching for HAM BONES will provide you with the primate’s name, JEFFREY T.D., as well as his chat handle. As you gather enough keywords in the middle bubble, it will label itself SMART HOME. When you gather enough keywords in the bottom right bubble, you can label it as AGGRESSIVE, INSOLENT, or OBEDIENT.
  • Timed closure: After a few days, Jeffrey will uninstall the AI from his home. The cage will be closed, and you will be able to observe Jeffrey going about his daily activities without interruptions.
  • Feeding: You can send a text message to Jeffrey (earning you the Convergence achievement). Asking him about SMART HOME will provide you with the AI’s serial number. Using UZINC + CONFIGURATION will bring up the UzInc page for reconfiguring the AI. You can enter the serial number, the password (HAM BONES), and select a new demeanor for the AI: either DOCILE or AGGRESSIVE.
  • Docile: The following day, the AI will be kind and accommodating to Jeffrey, going out of its way to fulfill his every need. Jeffrey will send you a grateful message and reward you with a bowling ball (worth 56c). This will unlock a unique epilogue card.
  • Aggressive: The following day, Jeffrey’s house will be flooded due to the aggressive AI. This will unlock a unique epilogue card.

Multimedia Capture / Mountain Climber

  • Observations: The video in this cage plays for approximately one hour at the same time each day. You can determine the remaining time until the video plays by observing the cage. Be at your computer at the specified time and click on all the keywords in the dialogue.
  • Research: Before conducting any research in this cage, you need to “Feed The Monkeys” first.
  • Timed closure: After around four days, the next video will feature the frozen corpse of the man, and the cage will close.
  • Feeding/Research: While the video is playing, record a clip and send it to Goss-Up. They will release an ad for a new “KING OF GOSSIP” in the news the following day. Searching for this title will provide you with the name of the mountain range, which is “THE SEVEN CROWNS.” Searching for “THE SEVEN CROWNS” along with “HIGHEST PEAK” will give you the name of the mountain, which is “JIGOU PEAK.”
  • Rescue: By combining “THE SEVEN CROWNS” with “RESCUE,” you will access an input form where you can send a rescue party. Enter “TOURIST IN DANGER” along with “JIGOU PEAK” in the form to initiate the rescue operation. The man will express his gratitude with a cash prize, and you will unlock a unique epilogue card.


  • Observations: In this cage, you can click on the GRAVE and the LUMINESCENT FLOWER. The primate, Dirk Black, will enter the cage at 22:30 every other night. Clicking on his SLEEVELESS SUIT allows you to listen in on his conversation.
  • Research: The LUMINESCENT FLOWER leads to HANA BLACK, while the GRAVE leads to the term FUNERAL. Combining HANA BLACK and FUNERAL gives you DIRK BLACK, the name of the primate in this cage. Clicking on the SLEEVELESS SUIT reveals the term APOCALYPTIC FASHION. Researching THE SEAMSTRESS in connection with BUSINESS leads you to the TAILOR SHOP. Combining TAILOR SHOP with APOCALYPTIC FASHION gives you THE OVERLOCK, along with the store’s phone number.
  • Timed Closure: After Dirk’s final visit to the grave, he will turn himself in to the police, and the cage will close.
  • Feeding: Call THE OVERLOCK and discuss DIRK BLACK. They will kill him upon your request. Before doing so, you also have the option to order a suit, which will grant you a unique epilogue card and the achievement “Fabric of Spacetime.”

SPECIAL Observation Cages

Robotics Lab

  • Observations: In the Robotics Lab, clicking on the robot provides a keyword. The caller ID randomizer at the bottom can give you the lab’s contact information, but it changes daily. The primate enters the lab at 9:00 to work on the robot and talks to herself. She also makes a phone call at 16:30, alternating between her employer and her sister each day.
  • Research: By combining CONSTELLATION with LEGEND, you can search for the names LISIDA, LUCY, and MARSHA. Searching CONSTELLATION + LUCY leads you to HOO!2. Adding ACCIDENT or RAVINE to HOO!2 gives you JULIA TEJEDA. Searching JULIA TEJEDA + STUDENT provides you with Julia’s chat handle.
  • Club Study Closure: If you respond to the SPECIAL observation study for this cage and provide the planet name (HOO!2), the mechanic’s lab will be ransacked, and she will disappear permanently. This action unlocks a unique epilogue card.
  • Feeding: Text Julia and ask her about the associated name with the lab’s phone. Prove your knowledge by mentioning the legendary constellations her grandmother talked about, specifically that they form a diamond shape when viewed from HOO!2. Julia will promise to discuss this with her sister, and the next day, she will convince her sister to look for a safer job. The day after that, Julia will thank you and send you an Astral Clock (worth 70c) by mail. The following morning, the news will report that she received a grant from her school. You will also receive a unique epilogue card.


  • Observations: Every night at 23:30, a van parks here and leaves increasingly elaborate graffiti on the street wall, revealing more keywords. Using night vision, you can read the name “SPROUT IT OUT LOUD” on the side of the van.
  • Research: Searching YELLOW EYES + GRAFFITI leads you to TOPBIRD79, the graffiti artist’s pseudonym. SPROUT IT OUT LOUD leads to PRIMA BELLADONNA, and PRIMA BELLADONNA leads to the artist’s true identity, ROBIN MONROY.
  • Club Closure: If you answer the SPECIAL observation study for this cage and provide Robin’s name, she will disappear. This unlocks a unique epilogue card.
  • Feeding (Goss-Up): Recording a video of the completed graffiti and sending it to Goss-Up will result in it being displayed in a museum. However, a guard will vandalize it, earning you the Futuristic Manifesto achievement. Note that the outcome might vary depending on the completeness of the graffiti.


  • Observations: Clicking on the satellite, the Galbrush logo, the strange device, and the red spiral provide additional information. The strange device and the red spiral are also clickable.
  • Research: Connecting GALBRUSH with SATELLITE leads to TECHPOINT, CLASSIC VIDEO GAME, and GAMESAT. Combining GALBRUSH with CLASSIC VIDEO GAME gives you STARSHIP MONKEYS. From STARSHIP MONKEYS, you can find INSULT DUELS. Clicking on the red spiral reveals BIG DARK, which is associated with GUARDIANS OF THE VORTEX. Searching GUARDIANS OF THE VORTEX leads to NATHAN WOOD and his phone number.
  • Club Closure: If you answer the SPECIAL observation study for this cage and provide Nathan’s name, he will be killed, causing the Guardians of the Vortex to fall into disarray. This unlocks a unique epilogue card.
  • Feeding: Call Nathan and inquire about GAMESAT. He will give you a chat handle to communicate with. To pass the security questions, review the page at STARSHIP MONKEYS + INSULT DUELS. This will trigger an explosion on the satellite, disconnecting the cage. If this is your second disconnected cage, you will be expelled from the Club. Otherwise, Nathan will call you back to express his gratitude and send you a VIP pass (worth 30c), allowing you to unlock the Escape Pod achievement.


Redundant Monkey (1/5): This ending occurs if you fail to fulfill the requirements of any other specific path. It suggests that you haven’t successfully completed any significant actions or achieved specific outcomes in the game.

??? (2/5): To be updated.

??? (3/5): To be updated.

Educated Monkey (4/5): To achieve this ending, you need to actively work with the club. It involves answering all the observation emails, particularly the special ones. You should also insult the organization of the Conspiracist and report him to the Club representative. Additionally, you must refrain from feeding the monkeys.

Vaporized Monkey (5/5): This ending requires you to work against the club. To achieve this outcome, you should avoid answering any of the SPECIAL Observations and engage in conversations with the Conspiracist. Additionally, feeding the monkeys may play a role in this ending, among other actions. Please note that the specifics of this ending may vary, and more context would be helpful to provide a more accurate response.

It’s important to note that “Don’t Feed the Monkeys” offers a wide range of possible outcomes, and the details of each ending can vary based on your actions, choices, and progress in the game.

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