Dōkyūsei Bangin’ Summer Full Walkthrough and Tutorial

It’s a full game tutorial in case you have questions or want to do specific routes.

General Tips

The game is easier than it looks, this walkthrough is only for those who want to understand where they got stuck in the game and what to do in specific routes.

Increasing the game’s difficulty doesn’t change the dialogues or open new paths, so to enjoy the story play on easy mode, because you can see what the positive responses are (which isn’t very difficult since among the options let’s go out and suck my d1ck we know which one is right) and also you can focus on the desired girls, knowing where they are and what goals you should follow to conquer them.

Save as much as possible, seriously sometimes you’ll have to return to certain points to unlock secret dialogues and scenes. I myself used the 140 save slots that the game provides.

Use every day to your advantage, if you think you have time to spare since you’ve made your routes, use that day to make the secrets, some depend on specific weeks.

“Sometimes the wrong answer is right” this topic is kind of touchy as it’s only specific times that I’ll list in the girls’ stories.

And remember it’s impossible to do all the girls in a single game, as they know each other and talk to each other so there’s no point in lying to them. But that’s the thing about the game, the girls’ routes depend on other girls, so eventually you’ll have to date a lot of girls. Finally, remember that there are meetings with scheduled dates and times, and unlike some other meetings that are changeable and go on to another day, these don’t, if you don’t do it, you’ve lost (an example is the meeting with Natsuko on the first day, I didn’t go and she never appeared in that save again).

Buildings and Game Map

I must explain the function of each building that is present in the game, the main ones are:

  • 4th Dimension House (+) – Speeds up time
  • 4th Dimension House (-) – Returns in time and assists in the book (Can only be used once)
  • Mystic’s House – Tells you about the girls’ crush on you.
  • Construction Site – Only works last week, you must have less than 20k, work for 24h.
  • Vacant Lot – Unlocks secret scene.
  • Building Site – Chance to drop money.
  • Sakimake Academy room’s and Rooftop – Unlocks secret scene.
  • Aihara Inc. and Parking – Releases a secret scene (I’ll explain how it releases below).
  • Quiz House (Glen, Chen Sven, Ben and Ken).

I had assembled all the quiz answers and then I noticed that they had already done a walkthrough with the answers and what you can release with it (this is also how I found out that they release the secret CGs), thanks user 00772000 to make this:

Ben Quiz House:
Mako: Black, of course – Unlocks the secret CG at the Building Site
Kurumi meeting: Coffee House – Unlocks the secret CG in Class 1-C

Chen Quiz House:
Hiromi date: 11 a.m – Releases the secret CG on the Rooftop (school terrace).
Satomi: Her left hand was on top – Unlocks the secret CG in Love Hotel in the night

Glen Quiz House:
Hospital name: Towatari Med. Clinic – Unlocks the secret CG in the Music Room
Natsuko years: 40 years – Unlocks the secret CG in Aihara Inc in the night

Ken Quiz House:
Miho: Yellow, of course – Unlocks the secret CG at Aihara Inc. Parking in the night
Misa: Left foot – Unlocks the secret CG in the Art Room.

Sven Quiz House:
Ako: 89 centimeters – Unlocks the secret CG in Class 3-B
Mai: Carousel – Unlocks the secret CG in the Vacant Lot in the night
Other girls: never asked about


  • Brown: You already start with him.
  • Blue: On the left side of the pharmacy (where Ako and Mako are) there is an entrance in the woods below the parking lot, go there and get the book.
  • Green: You can get this book by going to Gyspsy’s House (Karma’s House). Talk to the lady three times and get the book.
  • Orange: In the last week of the game you unlock the option to work for 24 hours in the construction site that is on the left side of the map, for that you must have less than 20 thousand, spend it with the old man who sees your love relationship (south of the map, side right). You need to work for 2 days there to get the book, spend your 2 days of the first week and load, as the books are already on the menu as soon as you collect them.
  • Pink: Go to the House of four dimensions (-) at the top right of the map and follow its instructions, it will take you to some places and at the end it will ask you to return to it, thus giving you the book. CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE.
  • Grey: You will have to collect all the fairies.
  • Light blue: After finishing Miho’s entire route and staying with her, you must find her at her house, she will give you her diary, in this case the light blue book.

They are:

  1. Small Park – on the benches in the background.
  2. Fujita Manufacturing Co., Ltd. – air conditioning on the right.
  3. School roof – school roof (there is a small black object on the right of the roof near the railings)
  4. Coffee Shop – at the lights at the entrance, can only be picked up from 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm.
  5. Chiharu’s house – In the clothes hanging in the window on the right.


The secret scenes are unlockable through the quiz, even if you’ve done all 5 houses, go back to the quiz houses as they can ask you more questions.

There are 3 separate secret Quiz scenes that take place in the same places, when I played, I noticed that they can occur from the second day onwards, just enter the rooms they occur in (Rooftop, Music Room and Art Room), I recommend doing these before Quiz.

If you don’t have the patience, you can unlock these scenes in the game’s gallery.


As explained earlier, some girls depend on you to do specific routes with other girls and even those who don’t ask for these routes, it’s better to do the other girls’ routes because there are some secrets that I will explain later. Another important tip is to save before the encounter and after the encounter in different saves, as there are some unlockable cutscenes in negative responses. Finally, remember that whenever you find the girl you want to focus on in the route, go talk to her, this unlocks extra dialogues or anticipates encounters that are important for the routes.

As seen in this print it is possible to separate and skip the encounters with the girls for the desired moments, I do not recommend doing this in the first gameplay, try to follow the times and dates made available, because an example I had was having spent the day and the route of Natsuko was locked away, as meeting her is mandatory on this day.

Girls routes:

Separate by days and hours:

We can observe the event by hovering the mouse over it and if you click on the event, you can go straight to it.

The lock symbol indicates which route you have to take in parallel to unlock the event:

I will list the routes


It’s the “true” route in the game and you can understand that by the ending of the route. It is not necessary to make other girls to access this route.

Scenes – the only “secret” scene is in the Horror House in the Amusement Park, in case don’t forget to look under her skirt (click on the skirt).


You must do Miho’s route (which requires you to do Ako and Mako to have the encounter with Ako) and Mako’s route (since she will be important to take care of Misa) and remember if you stay with Misa you can’t stay with Miho.

Scenes – The events that are perhaps the most difficult for you to clear are these:

The You Like That, Huh? – unlocks by meeting Misa at the Coffee Shop before her last event, the Dooyah! event releases in Natsuko’s route during your encounter with her, for that you must start Misa and Miho’s route in Natsuko’s route.


Satomi’s route only starts in the second week, but as it is necessary to do Yoshiko Sensei’s route, I recommend starting with Sensei’s route (which leads to making the Ako and Mako routes). The last event you must click on the window to start the scene.

Scenes – In the last day you must find Satomi in the Equipment Room to unlock the secret scene.


Need to do Ako’s route (includes Mako) and Misa.

Scenes – As I said earlier there is a secret scene in Natsuko’s route and also a secret scene in Mako’s route (you get Mako’s secret scenes together).


Her route is completely unlocked, there are no secrets, just don’t forget to look under her skirt.


Necessary to do Mako’s route, Miho (to unlock the encounter) and Satomi, remember that if you stay with Mako, Ako’s route will be locked.

Scenes – To unlock the secret scenes you must keep playing it even if it asks you to stop until the scene happens (last event).


Need to do Ako and Kaori’s route (which takes you to do Chiharu’s route).

Scenes – There are some secret scenes that you unlock after going to the hospital and spending the night at Kaori’s house (syphilis scene), once Mako sends you to the hospital and you leave it, return to Mako and lie about your STD.


You need to do the Satomi route. Remember that the meeting with her has an appointment, don’t miss the date.

Hint – after the cinema scene you go to the bar and there you can cut to Kaori’s dialogue, just go to the events shortcut and select Kaori if you are in her event that depends on Chiharu.


You must do Yayoi and Chiharu’s route (which takes you to Satomi’s route)

The first meeting takes place inside Kyabakura, just enter and the heart will occur. After the encounter with Chiharu, follow Kaori’s route and sleep at her house to finish the route.


You must do the route of Misa, Miho, Ako, Mako, Kaori and Chiharu and know that this is the most difficult route in the game. There is a guide on what to do halfway through the route to unlock the extra scenes with Yayoi by user TheReaperX, thanks.


This route is complicated because you will have to reverse the day of two dates, I will teach you below:

Attention: for Miho’s route save the event that you find her at the Campus Gate after the date for the 25th, meanwhile take the opportunity to find Yayoi in the cities and talk to her.

Continue until the 24th arrives at night, with that the Yayoi event that requests Miho’s route will disappear for now and will open directly on the 25th in the morning.

With that you proceed to the hospital for the next medical examination and you must follow this line of dialogue:

Answers: Of course it hurts – I was too embarrassed – Chronic case of blue balls – I can’t get it up – It’s a psychological thing – I’m scared of girls – I prefer anime girls – Of couse i’m not – Of course there’s something wrong with you.

Now you must click on all of her as she talks about each body part.

After that, go to meet Miho at the Campus Gate and then go to the Flower Shop two times to open Yayoi scene, you will have all the hearts now.

It is still possible to continue finding Yayoi to have a relationship with her, which is recommended in the tutorial I reported above.


Route already released, it is not necessary to go on with other meetings, but don’t miss the meeting on the first day and don’t forget about her meeting, the meeting also has a scheduled time.

The last meeting takes place at the Fujita MGF. Plant, don’t forget to take her there.


Don’t miss the first day’s meeting. You must take Kurumi’s route. To unlock Misa and Miho’s extra scene I also recommend doing their routes in the first few days.

I didn’t finish Kurumi’s route to have all of Natsuko’s events.


Do the routes of Ako, Mako, Miho and Satomi.

You must do Miho (to release the encounter with Ako), Ako (take Ako to Small Park and follow Ako’s route) and Satomi (story question).

Last date – Save her from the Ugly Bastard who is abusing her, this part is a bit boring, you have to talk to her, talk to the guy, hit him, until an options box opens and the answer you already know which one It is.


Route already open, you can return to her house after the 3 events to unlock the extra scenes.

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