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DOOM Eternal – How to Use Every Weapon in the Game

This guide will be covering the details on how you can use every weapon in DOOM Eternal. Discover each weapon’s usage and how you can effectively use them against any enemies in the game.

There are 6 different weapon types in DOOM Eternal. As stated above, each weapon have different usefulness when facing a certain enemy in the game. Below are the information that you need to know about these weapons in the game.

Combat Shotgun

This is a basic shotgun that you start the game of with. It has sticky bombs or full auto and ignoring that war going on in the community sticky bombs are better right now considering you will use combat shotgun mainly until you get the super shotgun.

Heavy Cannon

One of the most useful gun in the game used for destroying weak points, getting fodder demons into a glory kill state or killing big guys with micro missiles if you use them. I think precision bolt is superior but you can use micro missiles to drain trough your ammo and enemies quick.

Plasma Rifle

Okay so this one isn’t the most powerful, personally i use this gun if i have a lot of fodder to kill or to kill a shielded soldier or something, the weapon mods for this gun are microwave beam and heat blast. Microwave beam is good for staggering demons on high skill level but for beginners we recommend heat blast because it provides a hard falter (always stuns a demon for a bit).

Rocket Launcher

This one is really important too. Rocket launcher will be one of you main crowd control weapons and heavy hitters. Two mods for this weapon are lock on burst and remote detonate, my favorite is lock on as its easy to use and it deals insane damage. You can use remote detonate to falter demons.

Super Shotgun

Now this is my favorite weapon. This will be you main damage dealer and traversal tool in arenas. it does not have any mods but it comes with a meat hook that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ like a grappler only it gets you to a demon. Use the SG to quickly come to a demon with a meat hook then when you blast it get away with a dash. You can also combine it with the next weapon.


This one is really useful too. This is like a sniper that shoots lasers it deals a lot of damage and is really well at destroying weak points. Two weapon mods are arbalest and destroyer blade. For a beginner i would recommend arbalest as it is easy to use and kills flying enemies easily. When you feel like you advanced as a player try destroyer blade and see how you can fit it in in your play style.

And that’s all for this DOOM Eternal guide. We would like to extend our gratitude to Monkey for this new guide. Do you have any suggestions to improve this article? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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