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Dota Underlords April 23rd Update Released, Hero and Item Changes Spotted

Developer Valve has released a brand new Dota Underlords update today, April 23rd, to bring some minor changes and balancing in the game.

According to the release notes, the latest Dota Underlords client version 417 makes some hero and item changes. Heroes including Legion Commander, Sand King, and Shadow Shaman received a buff.

Apart from that, the new update also brings stability and performance improvements for Dota Underlords. You can find the detailed changelog below.

Dota Underlords Update – April 23rd


  • Fixed a bug where an enthralled unit would not summon correctly when all friendly units died at the same time as its source unit, thus prematurely ending combat.
  • Fixed an issue with Pudge where one of his round start VO lines would not play.
  • Fixed the item tier odds table in the Rulebook’s Glossary to show the correct item rounds.
  • Fixed Update Notes display on all devices.

Hero Changes

Legion Commander:

  • Attack Damage Minimum changed from [40, 80, 160] to [60, 96, 184]
  • Attack Damage Maximum changed from [50, 100, 200] to [75, 120, 240]
  • Legion Commander no longer receives a buff when a Blood-Bound ally dies, but still buffs all Blood-Bound allies when she dies.

Sand King:

  • Attack Rate changed from 0.714 to 0.769
  • Maximum Health changed from [1300, 2600, 5200] to [1500, 3000, 6000]

Shadow Shaman:

  • Maximum Health changed from [750, 1500, 3000] to [850, 1700, 3400]
  • Attack Damage Minimum changed from [40, 80, 160] to [50, 100, 200]
  • Attack Damage Maximum changed from [50, 100, 200] to [60, 120, 240]

Item Changes

Round 16 Item Tier Odds: Changed from 70% Tier 3 / 30% Tier 4 to 100% Tier 3.

Arcane Boots:

  • Cooldown changed from 15 to 10

Armlet of Mordiggian:

  • Health loss per second changed from 100 to 80


  • Barricades no longer block more damage than their health. When destroyed, any remaining damage in the killing attack is passed on to the target unit.

Blink Dagger:

  • Mana gain changed from 50 to 60

Eye of Skadi:

  • Loss to enemy attack speed changed from -45 to -55

Force Staff:

  • Pushed unit takes 50% longer to travel away.


  • Lifesteal changed from 200% to 250%
  • Cooldown changed from 15 to 10


  • Damage Blocked changed from 70 to 60

Alliance Changes


  • Miss Chance changed from [20, 35] to [20, 40]

Dota Underlords is available on PC and mobile devices.

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