Download Magicplan for Windows PC and Mac

This article covers how you can download and install Magicplan on your Windows PC or Mac. If you’re one of the users who are wondering how to use Magicplan on a desktop PC, make sure to read the full installation details below. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Magicplan for PC

Are you looking for a good architectural app? Magicplan is the right one for you. Using Magicplan, you can create and share floor plans, estimates, and field reports. Everything is done inside Magicplan!

Magicplan was originally created for mobile devices and if you’re wondering how to use it on a PC, this guide is for you. Using the Magicplan PC app, you can easily create beautiful and well-detailed floor plans. This app is one of the most popular architectural apps right now, which is why you should definitely give it a try. Here’s a quick overview of the Magicplan app:

  • Measuring and Sketching
  • Reporting
  • Estimating
Name magicplan
Developer Oct 11, 2013
Release Date Tool
Install Size 172 MB
Supported Device 5.0 and up
Category Tool

How to Download Magicplan on PC

As we already know, Magicplan is a mobile application that is currently available in the Google Play Store, which means that it can only be installed on Android devices. While this is a piece of bad news for PC users, there’s still a way to download and install Magicplan on a PC. In this section, we will be showing you how to get Magicplan working on your PC.

We currently have several methods to make this Android app work on your PC, whether it’s running a Windows or macOS operating system. To make things work, we need to use Android emulators, which are specifically created for Windows and macOS.

Method 1: Download Magicplan Using BlueStacks

Step 1: The first thing we need to do is download the latest version of BlueStacks. You can download this software by visiting this link. Choose the version of BlueStacks depending on your machine’s operating system.

Step 2: Once BlueStacks has been downloaded, install it on your computer.

Step 3: Now that we’re done with the installation, you need to launch BlueStacks.

Step 4: After launching BlueStacks, look for the Google Play Store. If this is your first time using BlueStacks to access the Google Play Store, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account.

Step 5: Search for “Magicplan” from the search bar of the Google Play Store and click the install button. Wait until the installation process is complete, then close the Google Play Store in BlueStacks.

After the installation of the app, the shortcut icon should now be available on the home screen of BlueStacks. Clicking on the icon will launch the app directly on your computer using the BlueStacks program. The interface and features of Magicplan are the same as the interface on mobile phones.

Method 2: Download Magicplan Using LD Player

Step 1: First, you need to download LD Player from the official site. To make things easier, you can click this link to download the program.

Step 2: Install LD Player on your computer. Note that the installation process may take some time depending on the capability of your computer.

Step 3: Launch and open the LD Player.

Step 4: As soon as the dashboard of LD Player opens, you will immediately see the search bar for the Google Play Store. Use that and search Magicplan.

Step 5: Install “Magicplan” using the button from the Google Play Store. If this is your first time using LD Player, you will be asked to log in to your Google account.

After the installation, the Magicplan shortcut icon should now be present on the main home screen of LD Player. You can launch the app by clicking the icon. Similar to BlueStacks, the interface and features of Magicplan are the same as what we have on mobile devices.

Quick FAQ

Why do we recommend using the BlueStacks emulator?

  • BlueStacks is the most popular Android emulator that we have right now. The developer of the software has also been releasing new updates to improve the performance and security of the program.

Why do we recommend using the LD Player emulator?

  • LD Player is also one of the best Android emulators. Based on our testing, LD Player’s performance is way better than BlueStacks’. If you’re using a low-end computer, we recommend using LD Player. However, if you have good computer specs, then go for BlueStacks instead.

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