Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Chapter 157 Release Date, Spoilers: Senku and Dr. Xeno’s Connection

Riichiro Inagaki has just dropped another epic chapter for the scientific journey of Senku and the Kingdom of Science. In the previous chapter, we have seen a glimpse of the connection between Senku and Dr. Xeno. But that doesn’t end there as the upcoming Dr. Stone Chapter 157 will be revealing more details about the two great scientists in the stone world. In this manga guide, we will be sharing everything that we know about the new Dr. Stone manga chapter. If you’re not a fan of spoilers, please note that this guide may include spoilers for the upcoming chapter.

When is Dr. Stone Chapter 157 release date?

Is the 157th chapter of Dr. Stone will be delayed? While things are still not doing great due to the pandemic around the world, Japan seems to manage how to make things work. Following the lifting of the state of emergency that the government placed a few weeks ago, the citizens are finally getting back to work.

As for the manga industry, the authors and publishers also managed to wrap things together. The best proof is the continuous release of new chapters for popular manga such as Inagaki’s Dr. Stone. Now, to give you the answer if there will be a delay, the good news is that there will be no schedule changes for the next issue of Dr. Stone manga. According to the official announcement from the previous chapter, you can read Dr. Stone Chapter 157 on July 5th.

Where to read Dr. Stone manga?

Fans have two options to read the latest chapter of the manga series. First is by grabbing a copy of the next issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and second is by reading it online. As of writing, you can read Dr. Stone manga series from the official distributor such as Manga Plus and Viz Media.

These two sources are offering a monthly subscription that will give you access to the bottomless library of manga. However, they are also offering free access to the Dr. Stone manga series. Both Viz and Manga Plus are giving fans the free access to the latest three chapters of Dr. Stone manga. Which only means that you can read starting from Dr. Stone Chapter 155 up to Chapter 157 for free.

What to expect in Dr. Stone Chapter 157?

There are lots of things that may happen in the next chapter. However, judging the cliffhanger scene from Chapter 156, there’s a huge chance that we will be seeing more of the backstory of Senku and Dr. Xeno. In my opinion, the next chapter may show us if Senku meets Dr. Stone before the petrification occurs.