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Dr. Stone Chapter 164 Release Date, Spoilers: Incoming Aerial Fight

Dr. Stone Chapter 164 is just a few days away from its release date. The Kingdom of Science is now all packed for another match against the American Colony.

While things didn’t go well for Senku in the past chapters of Dr. Stone manga series, it seems that he finally recovered and ready to face Dr. Xeno and his subordinates. In the previous chapter, we have seen how he slowly healed after being shot by Stanley. All thanks to Luna who supported him while being weak.

Meanwhile, the other member of the Kingdom of Science is also doing their job to infiltrate the enemy’s headquarters. Unexpectedly, Carlos suddenly switched his sides due upon hearing Luna’s words. With the help of Carlos, Chrome, Taiju, and the others got the blueprint of the castle.

In the last few spreads of Chapter 163, fans have witnessed how the Kingdom of Science acquired an aircraft carrier and plane that they can use to attack the enemy. However, it seems that our protagonists will be having another problem as Dr. Xeno managed to complete the new project that he plans on using for the final battle.

Dr. Stone Chapter 164

This new project was overheard by Gen who happened to pass in the hall where the room of operation is happening. What could be the new weapon that Dr. Xeno and Dr. Brody created? Is it a huge vehicle or a weapon that even Senku couldn’t possibly imagine? Let’s find out once the new chapter of Dr. Stone releases.

Dr. Stone Chapter 164 is expected to feature the counter-attack of the Science of Kingdom against Dr. Xeno and his subordinates. There’s also a chance that we could be seeing the other group infiltrating the headquarters.

Dr. Stone Chapter 164 Release Date

Join Senku and his friends in the next chapter of Dr. Stone manga series on Sunday, September 6, 2020. You read the new chapter of Dr. Stone online via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

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