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Dr. Stone Chapter 165 Spoilers, Release Date: The Dog Fight Begins

Dr. Stone Chapter 165 is just around the corner and fans are now thrilled to read it after the release of the exciting events in the previous chapter. While Senku is in a bit of trouble in the last few chapters of Dr. Stone, it seems that he finally managed to get up on his own feet to continue the fight against Dr. Xeno and his empire.

In Chapter 164, Senku was seen joining Ryusui on their plane to fight Stanley in the sky. In case you’re not aware, the Kingdom of Science acquired the plane after it crashes in the forest.

The manga also sees the overall development of Persues, which is now an aircraft carrier, having the ability to carry and launch an aircraft. With the outstanding skills and minds of the Kingdom of Science, it seems that they can do everything to make things work.

As Senku and Ryusui launched their plane, they were greeted by Stanley in the air. The two tried to have their best position and given that it’s an aerial fight, taking a good position is not that easy.

Dr. Stone Chapter 165

In a dog fight, the one who is behind the other plane will have the advantage to take down the enemy in front of them. That being said, both pilots are trying their best to take the spot. Ryusui admired the skills and abilities of Stanley. Well, it’s actually not surprising that Stanley got this talent because he was a real pilot and an ex-military officer.

As they fight, Stanley got the best spot to attack them. However, he was surprised when Ryusui the cobra manoeuvre, allowing their plane to immediate switch position with Stanley. Stanley can’t believe what happened, so, Senku explained that it was because of the castor oil that they created, giving the engine high-quality engine oil.

Just before the end of the chapter, manga fans are left hanging with the cliffhanger where Ryusui finally locks his gun to the target. Will the Ryusui and Senku be able to defeat Stanley? Let’s find out in the next chapter of the Dr. Stone manga series.

Dr. Stone Chapter 165 Release Date

Join Senku and the Kingdom of Science as they fight Dr. Xeno and his empire on Sunday, September 13, 2020, in Dr. Stone Chapter 165. You can read the latest chapter of Riichiro Inagaki’s manga series on Viz Media and Manga Plus for free.