Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Chapter 124 Sees The Creation of a New Ranged Weapon

Dr. Stone just dropped a new chapter and as expected, Senku made another invention to help them fight the strongest warrior of the Petrification Kingdom once their alliance is over. Currently, Mozu has joined the Kingdom of Science with different goals, thanks to Gen’s ability.

The Kingdom of Science wants to steal the petrification weapon while Mozu wants to overthrow the current leader of the island. However, knowing that Mozu is strong, he’s still a big threat to Senku and his friends.

To cope up with the upcoming rage, Senku has to think or make something out of science that they can use to counter Mozu’s power.

Dr. Stone - Senku
Dr. Stone – Senku

Inside the cave, Senku asked Kaseki to make all the needed parts. The products were created but it’s not what Chrome was expecting. It turns out that these parts will be used to assemble one ranged weapon. Yes, the Kingdom of Science has created the first gun/pistol in the stone world!

Since making a bullet is still a bit complicated and their lab doesn’t have enough capabilities to make one, they are planning to use small pachinko balls as the lids. The gunpowder will blow up which will push the pachinko ball at a rapid speed. The gun was given to Yo, who was a police officer before the petrification incident happened. Yo fired the gun and it seems like it’s doing well.

Now that they have acquired a gun, will it help them withstand the might of Mozu? What could be their next move to acquire the petrification weapon? Let’s see how things unfold when Dr. Stone Chapter 125 releases next week.