Dr. Stone Season 2

‘Dr. Stone’ Episode 25 Release Date, Teasers, and More Updates

If you have already reached the episode titled Voices Over Infinite Distance, then you’re surely wondering when will be the release of Dr. Stone Episode 25. Fortunately, we already got the news for you about the air date of the 25th episode of the top-hit science minds in the stone world. Continue reading to learn more when will be the new episode releases.

When is Dr. Stone Episode 25 air date?

Dr. Stone Season 2

Dr. Stone Episode 25 is the first episode that will be available for the second season of the anime. Yes, Dr. Stone Episode 24 is the last episode for Season 1, which means Senku fans will have to wait for some time to see them in action again.

But when will be the release date of the Dr. Stone Season 2? According to the officials, Dr. Stone Season 2 – Stone Wars will be available in 2020. No exact release date has been revealed yet, but TOHO has already shared the first teaser trailer and key visuals of the 2nd season.

What to expect in Dr. Stone Season 2?

Dr. Stone Season 2

Dr. Stone Season 1 ends with the creation of the telephone. If we look and follow the exact story of Dr. Stone in the manga, Dr. Stone Season 2 will be covering the fight between Senku and the Kingdom of Science against Tsukasa and his comrades. We will soon be seeing Senku’s long-time friend, Taiju and Yuzuriha, coming back to the scene.

Having that said, expect to see intense actions, adventures, and more fun experiments with Senku and the people of Ishigami Village.

Where to watch Dr. Stone Episode 25?

Dr. Stone

Due to the great success of the first season of Dr. Stone, it’s safe to say that we will be seeing them again from the previous anime series distributors. These include Funimation, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Amazon.

As for the English dubbed, we can’t give you accurate information about it yet since the details that we have right now are limited. However, similar to the previous season, the English dubbed version of Dr. Stone Season 2 will likely be available a week or two after the episode airs.