Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Sees Kingdom of Science Acquiring an Aircraft

The journey to revive all the people around the world continues in Dr. Stone chapter 150. After being attacked by the mad scientist during the night, the Kingdom of Science is caught off guard once again the next day.

Their journey to find the cornfield seems to be a little far from reality as the enemy continued to chase them. While Senku and the others think that no one is around, Ukyo heard the sound of an engine.

Kohaku reported that he didn’t spot anything behind them. However, Ukyo realized that the engine sound is not coming from a boat but instead, it was coming from the sky.

The Kingdom of Science immediately look up and spotted an aircraft following them. The aircraft suddenly went down and Senku realized that they will be attacked again.

Kohaku and the others jumped off their boat to save their lives while Yo tried to attack the aircraft with his gun. Knowing that Yo is not a sharpshooter, Hyoga just told him to stop firing because he’s just wasting the ammo.

With their current situation, Senku has to think of something to stop the enemy. Fortunately, he still has a solution that is used for gas welding. Senku immediately packed the solution and asked Kirisame to throw it on the plane once it approached them again.

The aircraft lowered its flight again trying to attack Senku and his friends but Kirisame’s throwing skills hit the aircraft which caused an engine failure. The aircraft crashed in the forest and while Kohaku tried to snap the pilots, they already got away.

Meanwhile, a new character appeared in the scene telling that their enemy, the Kingdom of Science, has someone who knows science. Speaking of the new character, it seems that she’s not alone in the aircraft as she looks like she’s talking to someone else.

With Senku and the others not able to find the pilot and co-pilot, they decided to bring the aircraft with them. Ryusui and Senku was seen with a happy face as they realized that they got a new vehicle to use on their exploration.

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