Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Kefla Movesets Revealed

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s new female character Kefla will be joining the roster this month. Just before she makes her debut, Arc System Works has released the moveset that Kefla will be getting in the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

All Kefla Moves for Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Special Attacks
    • Fist Cannonball
    • Gigantic Breaker
  • Super Special Attack
    • Gigantic Ray – Shoots Ki blasts in the mid-air
  • Meteor Attac
    • Gigantic Burst

Kefla will be officially released on February 28th for normal users, while Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 3 owners will be able to get hand of Kefla on February 26th. Have you already made your mind to get the pass?