Dragon Marked for Death

Dragon Marked for Death Trophies for PS4

Developer and publisher Inti Creates has released the official Dragon Marked for Death trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Dragon Marked for Death, players will be collecting 35 trophies consisting of 18 bronze, 12 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are 19 secret trophies in Dragon Marked for Death. Check out the full Dragon Marked for Death trophies for PS4 below.

Dragon Marked for Death Trophies

MasterUnlock every trophy.Platinum Trophy
Exalted Hero (Secret)Reach character level 50.Gold Trophy
Future's Hope (Secret)Reach the True Ending (any character).Gold Trophy
The Holy Voice (Secret)Reach the ending as the Oracle.Gold Trophy
The Plunderer of Victory (Secret)Reach the ending as the Bandit.Gold Trophy
Stalwart Hero (Secret)Reach character level 30.Silver Trophy
The Master of Magic (Secret)Reach the ending as the Witch.Silver Trophy
Booby PrizeDefeat 20 Mimics.Silver Trophy
Renowned Adventurer (Secret)Clear 25 different quests.Silver Trophy
Requiem for the Moon (Secret)Defeat the Lycanthrope.Silver Trophy
Royal RevengeDefeat 10 Knights.Silver Trophy
Shell CollectorDefeat 10 Hermit Kings.Silver Trophy
Species Discovery (Secret)Defeat a Named Monster.Silver Trophy
Faulty Coffin (Secret)Defeat Vasith.Silver Trophy
The Swift Shinobi (Secret)Reach the ending as the Shinobi.Silver Trophy
The Graceful Swordswoman (Secret)Reach the ending as the Empress.Silver Trophy
The Iron Warrior (Secret)Reach the ending as the Warrior.Silver Trophy
Dedicated MinimalistSell items at shops 100 times.Bronze Trophy
Picking FruitAs the Empress, drop 10 pieces of edible fruit from trees.Bronze Trophy
Heavy with CoinHave 100000 gold at once.Bronze Trophy
Mushroom GatheringDefeat 20 Purplants.Bronze Trophy
Competitive EaterUse 100 restorative items.Bronze Trophy
Adoring EyesDefeat 200 Watchers.Bronze Trophy
Experienced ShopperBuy items at shops 100 times.Bronze Trophy
Novice Adventurer (Secret)Clear 10 different quests.Bronze Trophy
MineralogistUse 10 pieces of Dragonite.Bronze Trophy
Treasure HunterExchange for items at the Black Market 30 times.Bronze Trophy
Weeding ExpertDefeat 20 Bombuds.Bronze Trophy
Inedible JellyDefeat 10 Deva Slimes.Bronze Trophy
Budding Hero (Secret)Reach character level 10.Bronze Trophy
Ship Savior (Secret)Defeat Cthulhu.Bronze Trophy
Put to Pasture (Secret)Defeat Equus.Bronze Trophy
Cracked EggsDefeat 20 Tough Chicks.Bronze Trophy
The Petty Tyrant (Secret)Defeat the Ogre Prince.Bronze Trophy
Desperate Brethren (Secret)Defeat Jinryu.Bronze Trophy

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