Dreams PS4

Dreams Receives Update 2.08, Here’s What’s New

Developer Media Molecule has rolled out the newest Dreams update 2.08 bringing new playable and non-playable characters, new Blank Puppets, and more.

The main highlight of Dreams patch 2.08 is the arrival of the two new playable characters, enemies, and non-playable characters. It also brings a new Blank Puppet for platforming gameplay. In addition, the update also implemented some minor changes to improve the overall gaming experience. You can check the changelog of the update below.

Dreams Update 2.08 Patch Notes

What’s New

  • Welcome Garden Character Pack – Our Welcome Garden Character Pack introduces two new playable characters, a non-playable character, and a handful of enemies. Enjoy using them in your creations – they mix perfectly with our Welcome Garden Art Pack!
  • New Blank Puppet – Our first new Blank Puppet is designed for platforming gameplay, and is the basis for our Welcome Garden characters.
  • Directional Button Controls for Dreamiverse – You can now navigate the Dreamiverse using the directional buttons on your controller.

Other improvements

  • New Tweak: On tweaking a stroke, you’ll find the Sun Shadow Scale vs Detail tweak. This lets you adjust sunlight shadows for the right balance between detail near the camera, and how far away from the camera shadows are cast.
  • Updated: Changes to an audio recording. Recording time has been reduced to 15 seconds per clip.
  • Other minor tweaks and improvements.

Dreams is now available on PlayStation 4, and soon on PlayStation 5.