Duke of Defense

Duke of Defense Achievements and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Sebastian Nigro and Christ Anselmo and publisher Hitcents released the official Duke of Defense achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Duke of Defense, players will be collecting 20 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements out of 20 achievements in the game. Check out the full Duke of Defense achievements for Xbox One.

Duke of Defense Achievements

Duke In TrainingComplete the tutorial!10
Wisked AwayTeleport for the first time!10
Finance SpecialistCollect 50 coins in a single streak!30
Duke of ConstructionBuild 250 towers!50
Goblin BeatdownDefeat 500 enemies!50
Excessive ForceDefeat 2500 enemies!40
Money MagnetCollect 5000 coins!20
Better Than CoinsCollect 25 gems!60
PersistenceComplete 100 waves!20
Warriors WardrobeUnlock 5 heads!20
Fresh KicksEquip a head that isn't the default!10
Uncomfortably Warm Survive your first encounter with the Fire Wizard!80
The Adventure BeginsBecome an apparent successor!30
Walk In ColsetUnlock 15 heads!20
The Weakest LinkDefeat the Fire Wizard!100
House of HeadsUnlock 30 heads!30
Frosty Down Defeat the Ice Wizard!100
BanishedDefeat the Void Wizard and fulfill your destiny!100
Rally The TroopsGather your friends and prepare for a great battle!20
Duke of Hearts100% complete the game!200

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