Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Controls and Keybindings

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires takes the series into another level of strategy and simulation. If you’re ready to take control of the battlefield, you’ll probably need to learn and understand the basic Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires controls. In this guide, we will show you the complete list of the default controls and keybindings for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Controls

These are the default PC keybindings in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. Note that these can be changed and modified in the Settings menu of the game.

Action Controls
Move ForwardO
Move BackwardL
Move LeftK
Move Right;
Move Camera UpH
Move Camera DownN
Move Camera Left / Switch Lock-On Target LeftB
Move Camera Right / Switch Lock-On Target RightM
Use Secret Plan 3 / Aim Bow AttackE
Draw Weapon / Sheathe WeaponX
Flow Attack / Bow AttackF or LMB
Reactive Attack / CrouchV or RMB
Musou Attack / SpecialG or MMB
Block / Secret Plan DisplayS
Evade / Mounted JumpE
Use Secret Plan 1
Use Secret Plan 4 / Switch Arrows LeftB
Use Secret Plan 2 / Switch Arrows Right
Toggle Mini-MapQ
Trigger Attack: StunU
Trigger Attack: LaunchI
Trigger Attack: Knock-DownW
Special AttackR
Secret Plan Shortcut 11
Secret Plan Shortcut 22
Secret Plan Shortcut 33
Secret Plan Shortcut 44
Menu Controls
ConfirmEnter or LMB
BackEsc or RMB
Function 1K
Function 2J
Select UpMouse Wheel Up
Select DownE or Mouse Wheel Down
Select LeftB
Select Right
Move Cursor Up / Move UpW
Move Cursor Down / Move DownS
Move Cursor LeftA
Move Cursor RightD
Switch Page 1 (Left)Page Up
Switch Page 1 (Right)Page Down
Switch Page 2 (Left)Home
Switch Page 2 (Right)End
Reset Cursor PositionBackspace or MMB
Rotate UpT
Rotate DownG
Rotate LeftF
Rorate RightH
Exit Menu / Skip EventSpace
Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires PC Keybindings

These are the default controls using a gamepad controller. Since Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires have full controller support, you can also use these default button bindings on PC. As usual, these default bindings can be changed in the Settings menu.

Action Controls
MovementsLeft Stick
Camera MovementRight Stick
Use Secret Plan 3 / Aim Bow AttackD-Pad Down
Flow Attack / Bow AttackX
Reactive Attack / CrouchY
Musou Attack / SpecialB
Block / Secret Plan DisplayLB
Evade / Mounted JumpRT
Summon / Mount HorseLT
Use Secret Plan 1D-Pad Up
Use Secret Plan 4 / Switch Arrows LeftD-Pad Left
Use Secret Plan 2 / Switch Arrows RightD-Pad Right
Toggle Mini-MapView Button
MenuMenu Button
Trigger Attack: StunRB + X
Trigger Attack: LaunchRB + Y
Trigger Attack: Knock-DownRB + A
Special AttackRB + B
Menu Controls
Function 1Y
Function 2X
Select UpD-Pad Up
Select DownD-Pad Down
Select LeftD-Pad Left
Select RightD-Pad Right
Move CursorLeft Stick
Switch Page 1 (Left)LB
Switch Page 1 (Right)RB
Switch Page 2 (Left)LT
Switch Page 2 (Right)RT
Reset Cursor PositionR3
RotateRight Stick
Exit Menu / Skip EventMenu Button
SortView Button
Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Gamepad Controls

Those are the default controls and keybindings for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. As you can see, there are some unassigned actions on the list of controls above, which of course, you can assign shortcuts for. We’ll have more guides for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires soon, so make sure that you frequently check our website for the latest updates. In the meantime, you can check our Lost Ark controls guide for PC.

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