Eastward PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Looking forward to entering the world of Eastward? To help you get started, here are the default Eastward keyboard and gamepad controls for PC. Note that you can change these default controls to your desired keys by simply going to the settings section of Eastward.

Eastward Controls

UpW or Up ArrowLeft Stick
LeftA or Left ArrowLeft Stick
DownS or Down ArrowLeft Stick
RightD or Right ArrowLeft Stick
AttackLeft Mouse ButtonX
AbilityRight Mouse ButtonY
Group / UngroupTab or Middle Mouse ButtonB
Switch CharacterQLT or RT
Open BackpackRLB
Switch WeaponERB
Fast Switch 11
Fast Switch 22
Fast Switch 33
Fast Switch 44
Open MenuEscMenu
Open MapFView
Eastward Controls

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