Echo Generation Controls and Shortcuts

Echo Generation is a turn-based combat game developed and published by Cococucumber. The game was initially released on consoles, and the PC version has just arrived. For players who want to join the kids in the supernatural occurrence investigation, this page will cover all the Echo Generation controls to help you get started.

Echo Generation Controls

As confirmed by the developer, Echo Generation supports the use of a gamepad controller on PC. This means that apart from the mouse and keyboard support, you can enjoy Echo Generation with a controller.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no in-game option to change the default Echo Generation controls.

MovementW A S D / Arrow Keys
RunLeft Shift / Spacebar (Hold)
InteractF / Enter
Select / Confirm / NextF / Enter
Cancel / BackG
Pause / InventoryTab / Esc
Menu Navigation – RightE
Menu Navigation – LeftQ
Inventory NavigationW A S D / Arrow Keys
Character Select RightC
Character Select LeftZ
Echo Generation Controls

As stated earlier, you can play Echo Generation using a controller. Here are the default button bindings of the game:

This concludes our Echo Generation controls guide. Did we miss any important control keys of the game? Please do let us know so we can update this guide.

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