Encodya Achievement Guide


This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievements in Encodya. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Encodya achievements, this guide is for you.

Encodya Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 16 achievements in Encodya. None of these achievements is hidden or secret. Below are the steps on how to obtain them.


Unmissable Achievements

TRAVELER – Get a Fly Bus Ticket

NEO BERLIN BY NIGHT – Complete Part 1

JOURNEY TO ENCODYA – Complete Part 2

FOREST PANORAMA – Find a vantage point to see the landscape

  • Repair the elevator in the forest and go up to admire the landscape.

THE LOST TANKER – Complete Part 3

SEE THE LIGHT AGAIN – Complete Part 4

UPLOAD ENCODYA – Finish the game

Missable Achievements

CYBER OCTOPUSES – Uncover the Octopi plan

  • After Chip gave you an empty floppy disk, go to the office in downtown. Insert the floppy in the computer and search in the old archive section the project about the cyber octopuses.

SCREAM INTO THE VOID – Listen to the mysterious echo

  • On the oil tanker, in the cistern, shout in the void with Sam or Tina.

SKILLED ADVENTURER – Finish the game with less than 5 hints

  • Self-explanatory.

ADVENTURE MASTER – Finish the game without hints

  • Self-explanatory.

SPEED RUNNER – Finish the game in less than 3.5 hours

  • Jump Dialogues, cutscenes and secret research to unlock it.

LUCKY FINDER – Discover 3 Secrets

  • Details below.

TREASURE SEEKER – Discover 5 Secrets

  • Details below.

TREASURE HUNTER – Discover 7 Secrets

  • Details below.

EASTER EGGS FANATIC – Discover 10 Secrets

  • Details below.

List of the Secrets


  • Pull the vintage machine beside the Japanese-German restaurant with Sam. Push the strange object obtained and…
  • Take the elevator beside Otomo. On the panoramic bridge, there’s a tiny red button. Push it and…


  • Take a floppy disk from the electronic shop, go in the dark alley beside the Japanese-German restaurant, insert the floppy in the tiny green hole and…
  • Go in the lobby of the offices in downtown and wait more than 15 minutes. This secret could not be unlocked if you are already rid of the robo-guard.
  • Take a cup of oil from the Japanese-German restaurant and examine it with SAM.
  • Call to the phone the Fatemancer with the number of her visit-card (791 904 015).
  • Give the Joseph necklace to the bodyguard out of the Russian club and then go in there. This secret can not be unlocked if you already give the necklace to the old man Frank.


  • In the Forest, in the location with the biped-bot, there’s a secret path between the trees. Follow it and…
  • On the oil-tanker ship, in the cabin with the messed desk, there’s a strange card near there, on the floor. Pick it and…


  • After the launch of Encodya, in the street with Otomo and the female twins, you will see some secret buttons beside the telephone. Push them to open a secret elevator. Go up and…