Endzone - A World Apart

Endzone – A World Apart Hotfix #12 Patch Notes

Developer Gentlymad Studios has finally released the Endzone – A World Apart update #12. The new hotfix is now available for download on all supported platforms.

According to the official release notes, the new Endzone – A World Apart update brings some in-game bug fixes and balancing. Some of the issues that have been fixed in this update are related to buildings, tutorials, and systems.

To know more update this new update, feel free to read the complete changelog below.

Endzone – A World Apart Hotfix #12 Patch Notes

Prosperity Expansion

  • Buildings: Fixed visitors overflowing the maximum allowed number when settlers are sick and medicine and soap is present in the Medical Facility.

Main Game

  • Buildings: Fixed a possible error related to buildings with an empty work area list.
  • Tutorial: Main Tutorial now unlocks the Expedition Station later to prevent the player from discovering all ruins until the quest becomes relevant, causing a softlock.
  • System: Fixed a potential crash on startup related to an invalid game options file.


  • Buildings: Info about the current prioritization set by World Tasks is now hoverable and shows a tooltip for Guard Towers.

The new update carries the game version 1.1.8019.41487 on Steam.

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