Enshrouded Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A guide detailing certain tips and tricks for unlocking all achievements. Around 30 hours to complete in early access.

General Progress

I am not currently writing this guide with in depth features on how to craft certain items or how to progress in the game. A lot of the game progression is self explanatory through quests. I suggest upgrading your flame level as quickly as you can in order to progress faster. I found this interactive map which might be able to help if you have trouble finding certain locations. Another tip is climbing the ancient spires of respective areas and reading obelisks early. Doing so unlocks the locations of elixir wells and flame altars + sanctums on the map.

I will update the guide to include steps on how to increase flame level in the future.

I do not take any credit for the map, I am only linking to it.

Miscellaneous easy achievements

A place to call home, create a flame altar. Crafted with stone in the inventory.

Erudite, unlocked a skill. Can be done once you reach level 2, open your menu and select a skill.

Thus it begins, craft a simple item. Unlock the blacksmith to craft items.

Leave a mark, mine terrain for the first time. You can craft pickaxes after unlocking the blacksmith.

Shortcut, craft or obtain a grappling hook. Can be crafted at a workbench.

Freefall, craft or obtain a glider. Can be crafted at a workbench.

Thundering success, defeat the guardian of the first elixir well. First boss fight, not really a challenge.

Well done!cleared the first elixir well. Elixir wells are marked on the map, see stargazer section for more information. The well is cleared after you defeat the first boss and destroy the shroud root.


Level 2 is unlocked in the starting area and the remaining five unlock during regular play. You can gain experience from several different actions. Killing enemies and creatures, mining, finding marked locations, completing quests and from experience scrolls found in chests.


There are two obelisks per area and they are found as you explore the map. If you are having trouble finding them I suggest consulting the map I linked in the general progress tab. Discovering and reading the obelisks unlocks the locations of flame sanctums and altars, so I suggest finding them before going for the spark achievements in respective areas.

Stargazer achievements

The stargazer achievements unlock after you reach the ancient spires in respective areas. As I mentioned in the general progression tab I am not detailing any routes you should take to reach the spires. They stand out while looking out over the landscapes and are quite easy to find.


Defeat the shroud wyvern, the wyvern is located at the capital, you have to defeat him in order to progress.

Pieces of the past

Find all forgotten “guard of the north” armor pieces. Requires defeating the shroud wyvern. Find all pieces of the north guard armor set. Four pieces are found around different areas of the capital. The helmet is found in a tower of the Pike which can be accessed after defeating the shroud wyvern.

1. The boots are found in a chest after scaling the tower.

2. The gloves are found in a chest behind the shroud root.

3. The chestplate can be found in a stone coffin after heading down into the mausoleum.

4. The pants can be found in a chest after heading through a hole in the wall, behind one of the poisonous flower enemies.

5. Found on a balcony of the right enshrouded tower after scaling the Pike, requires defeating the shroud wyvern to enter.

Mole achievements clarification

The locations are only suggestions, there are several deposits in each area. Many of the materials appear in later areas and not only where they are first introduced.

Mole of the Springlands

To unlock this achievement you have to mine or obtain flint and salt. Flint is easily found in the starting area. Salt can be obtained in the shroud or by killing the skeleton creatures in certain locations.

Use the spire as reference

One location for finding salt is the mine circled at the top left.

One location for finding flintstone is circled at the bottom, this one however should be self explanatory as it is just outside the starting area of the game.



Mole of the Revelwoods

To unlock this achievement you have to find or mine copper ore and amber, the latter being the trickiest to find as you will have to search for it in the shroud.

Use the spire as reference

Copper can be found all over the Revelwoods, I circled one outdoor location on the left.

One location for amber is circled on the right, amber can be quite hard to find but looking around in the shroud a bit will reveal more locations.

Copper ore


Mole of the Nomad Highlands

To unlock this achievement you have to mine tin ore and fossilized bone. Both are found close to the Nomad Highlands ancient spire.

Use the ancient spire for reference

Tin ore is marked on the top, there is a deposit of tin just behind the shroud root.

Fossilized bone is marked on the bottom, easily seen from the ancient spire.

Fossilized bone

Tin ore

Mole of the Kindlewastes

To unlock this achievement you have to mine or obtain sulfur, lapis lazuli and iron ore. Sulfur and lapis can be easily found by heading through a scavenger cave near the Nomad Highlands spire and following the road left after entering the shroud. Both are found near the nomad camp. Iron ore is found in many caves and mines in the Kindlewastes.

Use the ancient spire for reference

Iron ore is circled on the right and on the bottom, the bottom mine is in a high level area.

Lapis and sulfur are circled on the top left, the location shown can be easier to reach from the Nomad Highlands spire, but both materials are abundent throughout the Kindle wastes.


Lapis lazuli

Iron ore

Spark achievements

Unlocking these achievements is pretty self explanatory, just walk up to the altars and when you have visited all in an area the achievement unlocks. They can all be found on the map after reading both obelisks in an area, with the exception of the Kindlewastes. In the Kindlewastes you also have to visit all Sun Temples as they contain an altar not marked with the regular yellow flame on the map.

Since the game doesnt show you if you have visited flame shrines and sanctums

I recommend putting down a marker next to them on the map as you visit them. Makes it way easier to keep track of which ones you have already been to.

Weeding achievements

Shroud roots are found in elixir wells ands scattered around the map. Visiting all question marks on the map will lead you to them. Some locations can be a bit ambiguous, clicking on question marked areas on the map can reveal if there is a shroud root by looking at the name. Some are found in quest locations but none require the quests be unlocked to actually reach them. If you are having trouble finding any I suggest consulting the map linked in the general progression tab.

Winged Victory

This achievement can be a bit confusing as you get the option to craft an extraordinary glider as you progress in the game, but it does not unlock the achievement.

To unlock the achievement you should head to the Sun Temple in the bottom right of the map, one of the highest level areas of the Kindlewastes, where you will find the Ghost Glider.

This guide about Enshrouded was written by Geralt af Dänemark. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.

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