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Epic Games List Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered for PC

The data miners of the Epic Games Store have discovered two new applications that are coming to the Epic store. Apparently, one is called Pineapple QA and the other is HeronStaging. The information also reflects the companies behind the app. One is Square Enix and the other is Remedy Entertainment. They could be anything and the speculation could have taken months, but a folder leaked the real names of the games.

The cloud save folder reveals that Pineapple QA is the Final Fantasy VII Remake, while HeronStaging is an Alan Wake remaster. In this way, two rumors that have been heard for at least a year have been confirmed. The negative reactions have not been made to wait, and that means that these leaks have many things to unpack.

Final Fantasy

Two Games Coming to PC

Starting with Final Fantasy VII Remake, apparently it will cease to be exclusive to PS4 and PS5. Square Enix had already anticipated that the exclusivity of the game would last a year, but more than a year has passed and we have had no news. However, it appears that the game will be released on PC, but only as an Epic Games exclusive, which many will find disappointing. So Square turned against Sony and Steam gamers in one fell swoop.

For their part, there was talk of a close relationship between Remedy and Epic. They have published Control in their store and have given away several of the company’s games on celebration dates. So it makes sense that Remedy has decided to revive the Alan Wake saga now that it belongs to them again. However, it’s been so long that it would be a good idea to revive the brand with a remaster.

In any case, let us remember that this is data mining. The projects clearly exist, but they must first be completed and confirmed, since, for now, we can only talk about plans and intentions.

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