Eternal Dread 3 Achievement Walkthrough Guide and Tips

Here you’ll find all Locations & Descriptions needed in order to fully complete your journey. Since the game lacks a bit of context for some towards the end, I decided to give it a brief guide!

Story Achievements

You’ll automatically unlock these by beating the game, simply follow your quest marks.


Goblin Slayer

Friend or Foe?

A New Superior

The Hidden Origin

The Royal Crystal

Milla’s Savior

Gone to Town

Heroines, Assemble!

Statuesque Stunned

Fire It Up!

Storm the Castle!

Dawn of the New World

The bitter truth


You’ll have to dwell into previously visited dungeons for the last one, Waypoints are going to be needed so make sure you bring enough Warp Scrolls.

Encounter Achievements

You must beat the game first to be able to unlock these.

Assassin Bleeds

Defeat Nakka while being targeted by her.

After you’ve completed “Dawn of the New World” you’ll get attacked by Nakka randomly whenever you’re outside of town. She will keep appearing even after you’ve killed her once.

Unique Drops: Nakka Outfit, Rosary

Hunter is Hunted

Defeat Lumina while being targeted by her.

After you’ve completed “Dawn of the New World” you’ll get attacked by Lumina randomly whenever you’re outside of town. She will keep appearing even after you’ve killed her once.

Unique Drops: Rosary

World Achievements

Simply explore every map in search of those before moving on.

Omnipath Traveler

Activate every single Waypoint.

There are 18 in total. So if you’re on a map you haven’t been to before, check for those before moving on:

Plains of Forlorn / Town of Phillia / Phillia’s Grassland / Heartless Woods / Gloomy Cavern / Forsaken Shores / Bloody Hills / Slumbering Woodlands / Murky Swamp / Azure Foothills / Frostbyte Forest / Dunes of Despair / Barren Wastelands / Talesai Ruins / Scorched Canyon / Pallid Snowfield / The Silver Summit / The Lost Citadel.

Power Overwhelming!!

Acquired every single skill point. (not about unlocking every single skill)

It’s estimated to be 66 in total. It’s about the shiny bubbles that give you skill points, note that some give multiple. You’ll find some Behind the entrances of some Temples, some are going to be locked by mini-bosses both in dungeons And open worlds, like the one in the Slumbering Woodlands that’s easy to miss in the fog. Others are just going to be laying around. If you scan a map/dungeon once you can’t miss those shiny things. Another one is in the Town of Phillia.

Player Achievements

You can unlock these at any time.

My Item, Crafted

Successfully crafted an item for the first time.

Just.. craft an item! You can craft items in any of these locations:

Town of Phillia Workbench (Materials)

Town of Phillia Blacksmith (Basic Armor & Weapons)

Frostbite Forest (Unique Armors)

Dunes of Despair (Unique Gloves, Boots & Belts)

Stop Right There, Criminal Scum!

Went on a crime spree and reached Crime Level 3.

Start killing everyone in the Town of Phillia and you’ll get Crime Level 3 eventually. Save before you do that if you want to keep everyone alive.. or don’t! You can always just give up and get executed.

Look Mom! No Hands!

Successfully escaped from captivity to a camp or a settlement while your hands are being bound.

After using “Surrender” to an enemy, once they put their hands down after tying you up: Hold down your left mouse button to break free and run to the nearest ally camp or a settlement. You can do that in the very first map with the Goblins.

Hippity Hoppity Doo Doo

Successfully escaped from captivity to a camp or a settlement while your hands and legs are being bound.

You can do that in the Frostbite Forest fairly easily, clear your path from the Waypoint to the first Jotun camp (Ice Ogre) so that you don’t get stuck on your way back. Then “Surrender” to them until you get the variant with your legs tied up and break free, after that just jump your way back to “Sasha” at the camp near the Waypoint and her girls will take care of the Jotuns.

Secret Achievements

You can find these Secret-Bosses

at night in the following maps, keep in mind the higher your difficulty setting is the more likely they’ll spawn.

Nocturnal Nightmare

Put an end to the Shadow Lord’s terror.

Location: Phillia’s Grassland, in the middle.

The Black Whirlwind

Vanquished the Champion Kobold.

Location: Heartless Woods, in the middle-towards bottom.

The Legendary Ogre Hero

Defeated the Ogre Hero.

Location: Bloody Hills, at the dead end.

A Mysterious Creature

Slew the Imp King.

Location: Slumbering Woodlands, on the right side of the top.

The Envoy of the Death

Annihilated the Death Lord.

Location: Talesai Ruins, in the middle of the right side.

The Envoy of the End

Slew the Chaos Knight.

Location: The Lost Citadel, on the left side of the Waypoint.

King Gayak Repeller

Successfully vanquished King Gayak.

Location: Azure Foothills, in the middle-towards top.

Grudge is Forever

Kite Grarok’s Remnants.

Location: The Lost Citadel’s Temple, The Dark Fortress, where you first killed Grarok.

Tip: In order to disable his invulnerability for a short time, you’ll have to hit the rocks he drops when he’ll be close to them. You can also wait for him to drop multiple rocks to use them as cover, just don’t hit them all at once.

Unique Drops: NuKnight Armor.

The Last Achievement

Ending Remarks.

Touch Grass

Achieve the impossible.

This one is a bit tricky, you’ll have to go outside to find those fields that you can touch. If you can’t find them just keep looking for them, you’ll get there eventually. Don’t react to those around you who ask for your mental health, they’re not friends, they’re not grass. Nothing must get between you and the grass to find it, one sentence from your wife and she’s gone. Are we clear? Don’t talk to anybody until you find the fields. I’m watching you, I’m always watching those.. who.. listen.

Unique Drops: Life.

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