Evan’s Remains

Evan’s Remains Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Matias Schmied and publisher Whitethorn Digital released the official Evan’s Remains achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Evan’s Remains, players will be collecting 17 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements in this game. Check out the full Evan’s Remains achievements for Xbox One.

Evan’s Remains Achievements

The Forest.Reach Zone 230
Don't push yourself too hard.Skip a puzzle for the first time.20
Step by step.Solve the first puzzle15
Take your time.Spend more than 15 minutes to solve a puzzle.20
The Town.Reach Zone 330
The City.Reach Zone 430
The Garden.Reach Zone 4.530
The Valley.Reach Zone 530
The Water Plant.Reach Zone 630
The Flower Field.Reach Zone 730
Translating.Discover what the message says.40
Goodbye Dysis.Play as a new character.40
Revelation.Discover the truth.50
Aurelio.Find the mysterious man.105
You did it.Beat the game.150
For the Backers.Play through the after-credits scene.150
Boquita papá!Drink mate using the termo of el más grande.200

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