Everdream Valley Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Are you planning to play Everdream Valley? Here’s a quick guide on how to get started in the game.

General Tips

Don’t feel obligated to wait for an extended period of time to sleep and save your progress in the game. You have the freedom to save whenever you desire. Simply press the “Esc” key and then select “Save.”

To access a wealth of information and resources in Everdream Valley, press the Map Button (commonly the “M” key). This will bring up the map interface. Once the map is displayed, navigate to the logs section. There, you’ll find a tutorials tab containing a comprehensive collection of guides and helpful information. It’s truly an amazing feature that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

A convenient way to store items in your inventory is by pressing the Shift key while selecting the item. This action can be performed anywhere on the map, making inventory management more efficient and hassle-free.

Currently, it appears that you don’t need to hold the basket in your hand to pick up items. Instead, simply place the basket in your inventory, and it will automatically gather any items you come across. This functionality may be considered a feature or a temporary bug, but for now, enjoy the convenience of not having to carry the basket around manually.

If you prefer a more lighthearted and relaxed gameplay experience, Everdream Valley offers a “Polite Wolves” gameplay option. Enabling this option will trigger amusing dialogues when the wolves catch you in the first dream. Additionally, the wolves’ howling will be more subdued, and their eyes won’t emit a glowing effect. This ensures a more soothing and enjoyable gameplay experience during nighttime encounters.

Spoiler tag so as not to spoil your experience 🙂


After successfully completing the mission of bringing the sheep to the farm, your grandmother will reward you with a pair of Sheep Shears to trim their wool. However, it’s important not to bring the sheep too early before receiving this quest. Premature shearing could lead to their illness as you won’t have the necessary tool to clip their wool.

There is a task awaiting you to construct a scarecrow in order to deter birds from stealing your crops. To accomplish this, you will need a scarf and a pair of gloves. Although the location description suggests they can be found near your house, it’s not entirely accurate. If you encounter difficulties like I did, refer to the following details to locate these items:

Scarf Location:

You will find the scarf right in front of your house, near the window.

Pair of Gloves Location:

Head southeast of your farm, precisely where the broken windmill stands. Look for the gloves positioned above the stairs.

Occasionally, when exploring new areas, you may stumble upon bags of seeds, triggering a new quest to clean up the trash and sow the seeds. Your task is to walk around and collect ten bottles and cans, then sow the seeds you’ve gathered in that specific location. Once you have successfully spread 100 seeds, the quest will be completed.

Resources and Money

It’s important to note that whatever resources you collect in a day, when you visit your grandfather the following day, he will reward you with a corresponding amount of free items.

Instead of dismantling your farm fence, it’s advisable to repair them. Fixing a broken fence requires fewer resources compared to creating a new one to replace the damaged sections. Creating a new fence involves using a certain amount of wood and boards, while fixing a broken fence only requires a specific amount of wood.

If you come across any special butterflies, be sure to catch and keep them, as they can be utilized to complete the merchant’s quest and lower his prices. These butterflies have valuable uses, so holding onto them is beneficial.

Avoid selling the empty bottles you find around your farm. You might think of them as mere junk, but hold on! Instead, fill these bottles with water before selling them. By doing so, you will obtain “Bottles of Water,” which have a higher selling price. Additionally, you can save these bottles for future use in cooking recipes or for watering your crops.

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