Everreach Trophies for PS4

Developer Elder Games and publisher Headup have released the official Everreach trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Everreach, players will be collecting 10 trophies consisting of 5 bronze, 4 silver, and 1 gold trophies. There are no secret trophies in Everreach. Check out the full Everreach trophies for PS4 below.

Everreach Trophies

They're goneFinish the game.Gold Trophy
UnscathedGet through the swamp chase without losing any health. (You can lose shield though)Silver Trophy
GlobalView NewsFind all tablets in Aurora Outpost.Silver Trophy
And it goes down!Get rid of the Gunship, once and for all!Silver Trophy
Life and death decisionMake sure Jay survives the game.Silver Trophy
First ContactReach Nova OutpostBronze Trophy
ExplorerFind the hidden puzzle crate in the first mission.Bronze Trophy
SuppliesFind supplies for Nova outpost.Bronze Trophy
Tower HackerHack all three towers in mission 2.Bronze Trophy
Nebula HunterDestroy all Nebula drones in the desert.Bronze Trophy

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