Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome PC Keyboard Controls

THQ Nordic’s latest turn-based RPG game is here. For players who are planning to conquer the foreign lands in the name of Rome, here are the Expeditions: Rome controls to help you get started.

Expeditions: Rome Controls

You can change the following Expeditions: Rome keybindings in the settings section of the game.

Camera Follow CharacterF
Camera RotationMiddle Mouse Button
Rotate Camera ClockwiseX
Rotate Camera AnticlockwiseZ
Reset Camera AngleR
Move Camera ForwardW
Move Camera LeftA
Move Camera BackwardS
Move Camera RightD
Quick LoadF9
Quick SaveF5
Skip / Continue DialogueSpace
Hold to WalkLeft Shift
Loot AllSpace
Toggle HighlightsV
Track QuestT
Stats PanelU
Skills PanelG
Inventory PanelI
Quest LogJ
Outpost ManagementO
Triage PanelH
Claim Twitch Care PackageC
End TurnEnd
Swap Target TooltipE
Swap Weapon SetQ
Cancel Current ActionC
Next CharacterTab
Previous CharacterCtrl + Tab
Select Character 1Ctrl + 1
Select Character 2Ctrl + 2
Select Character 3 Ctrl + 3
Select Character 4 Ctrl + 4
Select Character 5 Ctrl + 5
Select Character 6 Ctrl + 6
Select Character 7 Ctrl + 7
Select Character 8 Ctrl + 8
Select Character 9 Ctrl + 9
Weapon Skill 11
Weapon Skill 22
Weapon Skill 33
Class Skill 14
Class Skill 25
Class Skill 36
Class Skill 47
Class Skill 58
Class Skill 69
Tactical Item 10
Tactical Item 2
Tactical Item 3=

And this is everything you need to know about the Expeditions: Rome controls and shortcuts. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions to improve this guide.

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